The “Devil’s Revolution” Will Not Stop The Hell

The idea that the solution to police brutality against Afrikans is killing random police officers is delusional. There are more officers accessible to the system than people in the community. After police comes the army. Violence against individual officers will not change the SYSTEM. They would simply send more officers with more weapons and kill more of us. Ultimately we would be outnumbered. So though some in the post called this revolutionary, this is the height of foolishness and this is why our people have to stop listening to the frauds in the so called movement. Most of their strategies and tactics end up with more of us dying, which if you understand police brutality, is kind of the goal of the system to begin with. If your strategy ends up attaining or helping your enemies attain the objective they were working on to begin with, you have been deceived into confusing reactionism with revolution. The only thing that happens here is that 3 are dead with a promise of many more in a situation where Afrikan people are outnumbered. No Afrikan warriors, as brave as they were, would ever pursue such a foolish strategy. Collective defense is not an attack on individuals and must be formed and organized collectively. To send our children and youth out to shoot random police officers thinking that that alone is actually progress towards either safety or social progress means you’re an idiot not a revolutionary. That was NOT The ideology of the Panthers or the Black Liberation Army or any of the other organizations either, and if you think it was, that’s even more ignorance, but people talk without sufficient study and they recommend without sufficient study. You could subtitle this nonsense as “The police and the system are trying to kill you, shoot them and give them a justification for killing you and even more of us.” Any intelligent strategy would have to result in us not getting killed to begin with, not spreading more death among us after the fact. But scripture says people who have given themselves over to a certain degree of foolishness will give rise among themselves foolish leaders and foolish organizations. We are stuck between the Negroes who do nothing which is suicide and these fake revolutionaries who recommend a path of death which is murder-suicide. We have to take our communities back from these psychopaths. I do not have to commit to kill or to die to live, to believe that is to have been brainwashed by the very oppressive system in which we are forced to live or DIE.

Someone said in support of this errant strategy, quoting the last poets, “niggas is scared of revolution.” I’m not scared of revolution personally, In work for it every day. I AM scared of this kind of nonsense because I, unlike those who push this fatalistic claptrap, understand what revolution is. IT is only the devil who teaches that revolution is death and violence and that those who advocate it are revolutionaries. Death may and will come in struggle and force may be applied, but the force of good is defense against evil, not offense for it becomes offense, it has become evil. If you are striking me, my goal is that you cease from doing so, not that you die. If I want you to die, I have only to wait as that requires no effort. You will and so will I. The challenge for a revolutionary therefore, is not leading a dying people to death, but how to secure their lives. What kind of revolution is there when you have no economics, no education, no health care, no food, no land and your only tool is a gun shooting officers like a video game where each wave of attackers is bigger and stronger? And in reality when it says “game over”, no amount of money can generate a reset for the fool who plays.

If I must die for the revolution among the people, that’s fine, but I will die for LIFE and that which sustains life, not for death. Killing myself or others because someone has died increases death and does not prevent more of us from dying. The dead must bury the dead. It is the living that must be the concern of the revolutionary. The greatest memorial to the dead is not killing yourself and others, necessitating the need for more memorials. It is living in spite of the threat to your life and building COLLECTIVE institutions that ensure that the masses of the people will be able to do the same.

The tribute to our brothers who have died at the hands of police should be doing things to PREVENT more of them dying, not developing strategies ENSURING that more do.

The law enforcement apparatus, the corrections apparatus, the judicial apparatus. These are social, political, and economic SYSTEMS. They are collective. They are not groups of individuals and any individual in those systems is expendable. Their policies, procedures, and operations will continue immediately if individuals fall. So those who think killing individuals destroys the entire system do not understand society and the enemies they face of the nature of them. And a foolish general will get all of the army killed.

No matter how otherwise good and righteous the soldiers.

Principle of Patience

Those whom God loves, He compels towards patience in waiting for Him to act. There is the scripture Wait on the Lord and similarly Be still and KNOW that I AM God. Of late, I have been confronted with a number of intolerable situations, at least I saw them that way, and in the midst of my dealing with them, I felt compelled to act. Again and again, through the words of other believers, and just not having certain things be able to take place, God thwarted my personal will to act, inserting instead a renewed exhortation to fortify my faith that, as the old spiritual says, HE will fix it. In His time and in His way. So what I share with fellow believers, by way of my own testimony, is that waiting on the Lord is not just a good idea or the best idea, but if you try to rush, sometimes the Lord out of His love for you and desire to protect you, will place obstacles in your way that will compel your patience, build your faith, and confirm your spiritual knowledge that He runs this. Thank you Lord again for the work you have begun in me and which you shall finish for your glory.

Late Pass

The contrivances of the wicked in battle against your righteous efforts towards truth, peace, and justice are but confirmations that they have failed to comprehend the fullness of the ancient declaration announcing their defeat in the war as a whole. The necessity of your struggle against and of your certain victory over the negative circumstances they confront you with IN those battles is that it therefore needs to be reiterated.

Advance Prep

The wise one in the war for truth, justice, and equality and in the service of God does not merely act as though they WILL prevail but they begin consolidating alliances and resources and building institutions consistent with the spirit of their righteousness, as if they have already won and are merely determining how the spoils will be used for the cause.

Remembering what’s really important

While I am not “rich” and do not strive to be, God provides for all the things I need and I do not need to sell my soul or risk His wrath to do so and neither does anyone else have that necessity. Simply making money or being wealthy does not justify any kind of ethical behavior and within traditional Afrikan cultures, selling out your own people in order to make money was not historically viewed …as either (a) acceptable or (b) “all that matters.” To justify that kind of conduct is not only morally wrong, but also runs the risk of justifying ANYTHING for the love and accumulation of money and if you look at our people that is the number source of our problem. For money our leaders will sell us out to our enemies. For money, our entertainers will promote death and decadence among our youth. For money, corporations will despoil our resources and sell us products that destroy us. For money, drug dealers will sell deadly poisons to their own. For the lack of money, millions face war and starvation and death. We once believed, before we were cognitively enslaved and colonized, that there WERE more important things than money in life, chief among them life itself. How far we have fallen. How great the distance we have descended and until we return to our value systems and leave theirs, they will control us because we will sell our lives, losing them, to chase their money. And if you think all the monetary wealth you amass in Eurocentrism is yours, realize that the money you so accumulate is expended within an economic machinery that you do NOT own or control. “Money” is just made to appear to be ours so that we can admire those who accumulate it and so they can continue to exploit us on behalf of the system. We desperately need to come to understand that control of material assets is true wealth not money. Money can only be used to pay those or borrow from those who control real wealth and thereby give it to us. I would much rather have the ownership of the stock of the company and of the raw materials that make the Benz rather than the disposable car that is the Benz itself or the dollars used to initiate the contract that let’s you drive it off the lot.

“Stupid” or Just Misled?

You cannot call the masses, collectively or individually, “stupid” until you know that they are truly wiser and more intelligent than indicated by their current actions and if they are, in the midst of those actions, being led to their damnation and destruction by those who DO know better claiming to be their “leaders”, You must hold your judgment in abeyance for the fraudulent leader bears the greater sin

“True” Adulteration

The greatest act of adultery is not about contravening the marital bonds of man and woman, but contravening the spiritual bonds between God and his children, who constitute the true church and His “bride.” It is the act of coming into the house of God with an unclean spirit, engaging unclean acts, abusing , assaulting and raping the devotion and faith of the believers who have come therein to hear His word and be in His presence.

Seek Ye Relationship Over Religion

Man’s vain acts of professing religiosity and his theology will not free human spirituality. It is relationship that God desires and that man actually does too, Nothing else will fulfill. If only he and she could get past the Eurocentric individualistic and self-regarding ego and the arrogance that tells them that everything is about themselves and their wills. One can pontificate about being at the center of their own moral universe, but a more important question is that to extent that they exist thee, they have been so PLACED and it is the circumstances i that placement, and by whom, and for what purpose that is the proper and more important quest for inquiry.

The Inevitability Principle

There is a universal law that you shall return to that from whence you have come. As it was before, so shall it be in the end. As the flesh and things of the flesh are of dust,unto dust they must and shall return. So too the righteous of spirit shall return to the one that is the source of spiritual righteousness. Alas, and to the denial of some surely the spirit of wickedness returns to ITS source and to the place destined for it in due time