Remembering what’s really important

While I am not “rich” and do not strive to be, God provides for all the things I need and I do not need to sell my soul or risk His wrath to do so and neither does anyone else have that necessity. Simply making money or being wealthy does not justify any kind of ethical behavior and within traditional Afrikan cultures, selling out your own people in order to make money was not historically viewed …as either (a) acceptable or (b) “all that matters.” To justify that kind of conduct is not only morally wrong, but also runs the risk of justifying ANYTHING for the love and accumulation of money and if you look at our people that is the number source of our problem. For money our leaders will sell us out to our enemies. For money, our entertainers will promote death and decadence among our youth. For money, corporations will despoil our resources and sell us products that destroy us. For money, drug dealers will sell deadly poisons to their own. For the lack of money, millions face war and starvation and death. We once believed, before we were cognitively enslaved and colonized, that there WERE more important things than money in life, chief among them life itself. How far we have fallen. How great the distance we have descended and until we return to our value systems and leave theirs, they will control us because we will sell our lives, losing them, to chase their money. And if you think all the monetary wealth you amass in Eurocentrism is yours, realize that the money you so accumulate is expended within an economic machinery that you do NOT own or control. “Money” is just made to appear to be ours so that we can admire those who accumulate it and so they can continue to exploit us on behalf of the system. We desperately need to come to understand that control of material assets is true wealth not money. Money can only be used to pay those or borrow from those who control real wealth and thereby give it to us. I would much rather have the ownership of the stock of the company and of the raw materials that make the Benz rather than the disposable car that is the Benz itself or the dollars used to initiate the contract that let’s you drive it off the lot.

“Stupid” or Just Misled?

You cannot call the masses, collectively or individually, “stupid” until you know that they are truly wiser and more intelligent than indicated by their current actions and if they are, in the midst of those actions, being led to their damnation and destruction by those who DO know better claiming to be their “leaders”, You must hold your judgment in abeyance for the fraudulent leader bears the greater sin

“True” Adulteration

The greatest act of adultery is not about contravening the marital bonds of man and woman, but contravening the spiritual bonds between God and his children, who constitute the true church and His “bride.” It is the act of coming into the house of God with an unclean spirit, engaging unclean acts, abusing , assaulting and raping the devotion and faith of the believers who have come therein to hear His word and be in His presence.

Seek Ye Relationship Over Religion

Man’s vain acts of professing religiosity and his theology will not free human spirituality. It is relationship that God desires and that man actually does too, Nothing else will fulfill. If only he and she could get past the Eurocentric individualistic and self-regarding ego and the arrogance that tells them that everything is about themselves and their wills. One can pontificate about being at the center of their own moral universe, but a more important question is that to extent that they exist thee, they have been so PLACED and it is the circumstances i that placement, and by whom, and for what purpose that is the proper and more important quest for inquiry.

The Inevitability Principle

There is a universal law that you shall return to that from whence you have come. As it was before, so shall it be in the end. As the flesh and things of the flesh are of dust,unto dust they must and shall return. So too the righteous of spirit shall return to the one that is the source of spiritual righteousness. Alas, and to the denial of some surely the spirit of wickedness returns to ITS source and to the place destined for it in due time


It’s 9-11. Tragically on this day people died, but more importantly for historical recognizance a mythology died, the implications of the death of which I still believe are not clearly understood. For Babylon had become a civilization which made the error of believing its own public relations spin, bought its own manufactured illusion, and embraced its delusions of grandeur believing somehow that the violence and terror and pain and suffering that it engendered throughout the world would never come to the shores of its behemoth, never to its greatest monuments to its own decadence. There were far more casualties than are counted by the physically wounded and the mentally disturbed among the spiritually lost. And out of this loss, they sought refuge in the weapons of war, the instruments of violence, directed against unknown assailants the world over. Like a rabid dog, so the monster devoured its own tail. The freedom it sought to protect it effectively dismantled in a spasm of spying and monitoring everything and everyone except its own consciousness. The war it sought to prevent from escalating, it multiplied with each would-be punishing blow. The great wealth it amassed and centered in structures like the “world” trade center squandered in an orgy of human death and deprivation, at home and abroad. In the Old Testament when the towers fell, it was an opportunity for those left behind to reflect and return to God and to curb their excess and arrogance. But like there the opportunity was squandered and the society fell into an even worse bondage than the scourge of foreign attack, the imprisonment of its own being. My condolences to those who lost their lives in 9-11. My condolences to those who have lost their lives since in senselessness. My prayers that we one day know how to respond when towers do fall, as they will, for they are but imperfect human contrivances, understanding instead that what we must rebuild is not just glass and steel, or fame and fortune, or status and pride, but the image of divinity in humanity and BY humanity. To do anything else is but to erect a second house of cards, no wiser than that one before and subject to the same harsh winds of change.


A REAL man NEVER physically or sexually abuses a woman or a child. Period. One who does, without some confirmed evidence of mental illness, can NEVER truly thereafter convince me, that he IS in fact a man or that he even truly understands what divine manhood is, regardless of his age, occupation, or the nature of his arguments to that effect. Period. Nor thereafter can he convince me that he should have any standing position of leadership in our community or status as some “role model” for men OR women. Period. We should consciously and openly PURGE from our leadership ranks and any position of prominence those who physically and sexually assault women and children. Period. If you allow such moral depravity at the highest levels of any community, it will engender a tolerance for it throughout the social fabric and the abuse of women and children is the abuse of our collective future and all the potential latent within that future. I can tolerate mistakes, ignorance, disrespect, offensive language, because these can be corrected without necessarily inflicting permanent damage, but the line must be drawn at physical violence against those who are vulnerable and who by REAL men should be and MUST be protected and nurtured as the literal future or the present and potential mothers of it.

You Can’t Win So Don’t Enter

Eurocentrism often intoxicates Afrikans and other oppressed peoples with what I call its “lying maxims,” short phrases that are presented as “common sense” but are really only “common” to Eurocentrists themselves. For example, “you can’t win if you do not enter.” One should ask the Christians who came into the arena in Rome to face the lions and were quickly devoured whether it would not have been better for their well being to have stayed outside. If what you are “entering” is a theatre of oppression, “winning” in any meaningful way with respect to your own collective interests is inextricably connected to NOT entering.