The Greatest Losses

I have finally come to a conclusion as to the greatest impediments to Afrikan collective progress and it involves two great, if not catastrophic, losses within our cultures. One, the lost of “shame.” When I was growing up, there were many bad things that I thought of doing but I was restrained by a desire not to want to tarnish my family name, disappoint my elders, and/or create a bad impression for the community as a whole by my actions. Even when I violated that code, I felt a sense of “shame.” Now the emphasis is on me doing whatever I want individually without regard to the collective consequences and calling that freedom and my “right.” The other loss is the loss of humility. I can’t tell you how many people come to me or to my page or to my class, not to learn from me or build with me, but to try to outwit me or pull rank on me or be superior or “win” some senseless argument as if that is actually helping us collectively make any progress. The idea of blind, senseless competition, colloquially alluded to in the concept of “crabs in a barrel,” is absolute death to collective progress.


The four horsemen of the US Negro Apocalypse are riding. On the first horse he was named The End of “Affirmative Action” and when he poured out his vial on the Afrikan community, Negroes found that they no longer had a right or claim to any jobs in the global economy except those they created with their own people. On the second horse was the End of Voting and when he poured out his vial measures …to restrict the franchise, restrict registration, and eviscerate the Voting Rights Acts effectively eliminated even the illusion of Afrikan voter power and Afrikans were forced to create their own political entities for self-governance. On the third horse, was the End of Public education and when he poured out his vial, Negroes suddenly found that they were left with only such education as they provided for themselves. On the fourth and most fearsome horse was an end to the Safety Net and when poured out his vial public housing, TANF, child care and all forms of social and economic protection ended and Afrikans found that the only way to generate wealth was to pool and control their resources and invest among themselves. Now the question is do we wait until they finish pouring out the vials or do we want to get started now?

Listen to Garvey, Booker T, Elijah, Woodson..stop listening to the Negro leadership .(1) Focus on entrepreneurship and directing the economic resources of our communities into collective enterprises for the good of the community and to provide it with jobs as opposed to training our youth to work in the Eurocentric economy, (2) Build political institutions and bodies and elect representatives to them to carry out our agendas on a local, regional, national, and international level, (3) Build a primary and secondary school system for our young with an Pan-African Africa-centered curriculum and focus, and (4) Make the acquisition and retention of capital assets like land and physical construction of facilities for our community a priority.

Tough Love, Hard Strategic Truth

I am not a political integrationist and so I have no expectation that someone will let me into what THEY control, particularly if I have no financial interest or position from which to influence the decision they have on hiring and so on. If I control it, or at least have a reasonable stake in it, THEN I can expect things and make demands.

“Shoulds” have no meaning in plutocratic capitalism. Just like you do not get a car simply because you need one and because it would be nice, without proper collateral and financial commitment and standing, you also do not get a job or a house or a place on the screen and are not frankly existentially entitled to one.

When Catholics dealt with Protestant education, they built Catholic schools. When Jewish people dealt with Christian education they built Jewish schools. Even the deaf have school systems. What was the Afrikan strategy? Beg and risk life and limb, often losing both, to get in other people’s schools. You cannot and will never have control over what is not yours and that is why I believe the fundamental logic of the civil rights movement and “white liberalism” is a fool’s errand (Washington-Garvey and others warned us). Get in someone else’s house and no matter what you do, THEY will run the house. I still wonder why we are surprised.

The Negro leadership unfortunately has been begging for a position in the external system so long they really don’t know anything else to do, which in my estimation is why they have to ultimately go.

The Ballot or the Bizness

I would describe Eurocentric voting as like sitting at a table with others with full plates and me with an empty one. I am then given a ballot that allows me to determine who will sit in the other seats and told when it is over that I have made “progress”.

My own concern begins with moving stuff around on the table, since structural problems in my mind must involve STRUCTURAL changes not voting, which merely changes the individuals controlling the same structure. Moreover, there are within structures, internal logics and standard operating procedures which obtain REGARDLESS of who at any particular time occupies the seat of authority. If those are inherently discriminatory or defective, playing musical chairs with the people IN THE STRUCTURE is not a solution, but instead “window dressing.”

When confronted with a logical incongruity as in the scenario presented above, I believe its time to bum rush the kitchen, either to cook for yourself or to at minimum compel by force a change in the dietary formula.

What Makes the Prisoner

Prisons will remain as long as there are those among our people who are imprisoned within their minds and spirits. Having done years of prison ministry and work, I find so many, particularly among our youth that do not have the mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing to function within the context of community as a result of their oppression by Eurocentric people and institutions. Having received no help and no proper education and often no love, they become what this so-called civilization has made of many, psychopaths who learn how to exploit their own for money or the illusion of power or control. They are then intentionally allowed for a time to disrupt and undermine community order, relationships, and structure. The so-called Negro leaders are miserable failures and purchased by the system and part of the “contract” is that they do not build counter-institutions. Therefore these young men and women are effectively living on borrowed time as mental slaves and ultimately those who are mentally enslaved WILL find their way to the plantation as an inevitability. The prison is the modern form. All can be reformed and not go or not return but that is a job for us, that only we can do. Even a political revolution will not work because while that may change the political structure, you must change the structure of a man’s or woman’s mind if you truly are to “free” the prisoner. A killer mentality will kill even after the revolution. Any Afrikan can tell you that as those who were destructive of their own before the revolution proved to be the same once the colonial masters were conquered, since they had the colonists mind and spirit. It is not the cell in and of itself that makes a prisoner. Many of our true soldiers went to jail and were THERE but not truly prisoners. But one who is a prisoner within themselves, like a soldier on a God-forsaken battlefield, remains what he or she is and simply moving them off the terrain, sending them home, without the infrastructure to restore their humanity and their conception of themselves as part of it, will be insufficient. Witness the veterans who are trained to kill and dehumanized who are sent home after their tour with that same mind state and then kill or destroy and often their own families and those close to them. The cage does not MAKE the animal, the cage makes the animal worse, and merely destroying the cage will not in and of itself yield a human being. There will be much work to be done, lest you have to restore the cage on your own to contain that which has been MADE within.

The Eurocentric State and the “Marriage” Debate

I have argued as a Christian and in a libertarian vein, that the Eurocentric state should NEVER have been involved in defining marriage in the first place and that THAT reality is at the root of the current social problem and debate. “Marriage” in my mind, however defined, began as and should always have been a private, secular thing left to God and conscience and personal choices. The only thing the state should have done is recognize whatever the secular realm accepted AS a marriage for purposes of taxation or inheritance or whatever needed to be done there. The problem is that at an earlier period of state formation, the US never had true separation of church and state (many of the English colonies for example were essentially theocracies or at least deist) and that led to the state defining the legitimacy of marriage on behalf of the secular church, which I do not believe to have ever been constitutional. That leads directly to the conflict in the present where in order to include people in the benefits of the state as citizens (which is not really contested), you then have to change the definition of marriage and that impacts on secular religion (contested). If the state got out of the business of defining marriage period, in effect, all marriages would be “seen” as civil unions by the state, which in my mind is what they are, politically. Any citizen could constitute a civil union with whomever they wish (in terms of reason like age) and then the state would just recognize that. That would allow marriage to be secular and eliminate EITHER citizens being denied their rights or the state telling religious people how they have to define or redefine their own marriages. Whenever the state steps into private matters, in my mind, it’s bad news. Shoot, half the time when the state steps in PUBLIC matters its bad news, so we know if the government starts defining marriage and family, we are ALL in trouble.

My position on this was honed during the study of the 60s where the state in its war on poverty tried to “save” the family with a definition of family that decimated Afrikan families and many lower income ones, externalized men as husbands and fathers, and generally wreaked chaos. That analysis tells me that if the government is defining your family, your marriage, and what it should be, things are always out of order. A government is a political institution and a collective one and so it’s interests are not your personal interests but the collective interests of those who control that government at any particular point in time. That by definition, is not the same as, or even necessarily consistent with your own interests and certainly not your personal life so it is vital that government stay out of those things.

I support marriage in principle, obviously, as a Christian. But I believe its definition to be and that it must be secular, and in my case rooted in God’s instruction. Others may believe otherwise and I respect their alternative beliefs. That does not become a problem socially until you try to force my belief on them or vice versa. Instead why not have the state step out of this altogether and say whatever your secular belief, our purpose is not to promote it but merely to ensure proper dispensation of legitimate state duties. This is why I support universal civil unions for any citizen by their definition (within reason again-don’t want pedophiles having unions with 6 year olds or something like that). That allows anyone to have whatever private, secular definition of marriage they choose and to live their lives without state-based and mandated discrimination.

It is, in my mind, none of the state’s business who I marry. It IS their business to know who I want my social security death benefits to go to, and I can tell them.

The Debate on Churches and Collective Poverty: An Empirical Deflection

Churches often have their excesses, but data shows churches collectively spend more money on social welfare and care of the community than almost any institutions: civic, political, or social. They are just a convenient and familiar target for those who want to do criticism without analysis. The biggest source of poverty is not churches, but the massive spending pattern of the community itself which is on disposable goods without savings or investment and this is being done by individuals and institutions outside of the church. People don’t want to change their patterns of behavior or humble their individual desires and wills for the good of the collective and so they externalize responsibility. What is stunning is not the amount of money churches have, but the amount of money the community has outside of churches and just wastes and/or gives away to external parties for nonsense like drugs, alcohol, skin whitening creams, hair products, guns, cars, fake jewelry and the list goes on and on, all pushed by the materialistic Eurocentric culture that wants us to be consumers rather than entrepreneurs.

Institutions will reflect ultimately the people. Thus if the cultural character of the people has been manipulated to focus on materialism and garnering wealth, power, and status in the world of oppression, one would expect churches or any other edifice rising up and among the people to reflect those same dysfunctional and negative tendencies.

Are You Sure You Want This?

I am deeply worried about the idea that those who are “educated” outside of the community should “return” to lead anything, for as Woodson said, they are often useless or worse than useless because the ideas they got externally are not applicable to the nature and circumstances of the people. What we need is a different kind of education and that education must be built within the community so that the scholars are not returning but emerging from within. This is a different model than the one we are on and our failure to understand OUR model as opposed to the externalizing model we were taught by those who enslaved us (that knowledge and “education” comes from and must come from outside) is at the core of the maintenance of our deplorable collective condition. It is the external so-called educated leadership that in my estimate, constitute the bulk of the moribund, pitiable leadership today and all of them should be deposed and replaced. Those of us who were effective never left the people and their cause and therefore do not need to “return”.

Meaningful Differences

To the slave what is the MEANINGFUL difference between a “liberal” slavemaster and a “conservative” slavemaster? If you are Afrikan and you took ANY time at all to answer I just asked, smack yourself, read it again, and continue the ritual until your brain cells get loose enough to realize it’s a trick question and you will be a trick, and never free, if you actually focus any mental energy on that kind of stuff.

A Sermonette for A Personal Resurrection

Someone needs a Word of encouragement spoken into their spirit today to dispel demons. It has been spoken. He is risen. Someone needs a healing of their broken heart today. It is given. He is risen. Someone needs an ordering of their mind today. Clarity has come. He is risen. To my brothers and sisters. Right now. Where you are. No matter who you are. God has sent me to talk to you personally. Not because of where you come from or where you live or what you look like or what you have done or had done to you for God is no respecter of persons. He forgives you for what you have done in knowledge. And forgives you for what you are doing in ignorance. He is risen. Today you are thinking about putting the needle back into your arm. You feel it calling you. Today I want you to back away and seek help. And I’m telling you are strong enough. The chain is broken. There’s someone right now that is under condemnation of others, who have put curses upon their life that they are nothing, will be nothing, and that nothing will come of them. Something came out of nothing in a little insignificant town, a man that was nothing to speak of. Today you are freed from the curses of those who have no power over you and given a new belief about yourself that makes you a child of the most high God. You had a past, now you have a future. He is risen. Someone is in prison today behind bars and the system wants to make them prisoners of their mind believing that the sentence is their life. But you have a visitor this day, that is not signed in at the front desk and though chains may stay on your hands and shackles on your feet like a man named John, you are this day a free man in chains and a prisoner only of the flesh and not of the soul. He got up to come for you. There are men and women today who are in relationships in which they are abused or abusers, in which they are parents who do not parent, in which they destroy rather than bring forth life, in which they seek control and money and power and not love. Something is troubling you today. It’s a sharper pain than yesterday and its telling you to walk out from pain, to walk back in to family, to trust that if and when God sends a life He makes no mistakes or accidents, to be the man and woman you were made, to stop the verbal and physical abuse of each other, to seek God first and rebuild the foundation of your house and thereby the community. He is risen and He needs a place to stay and wants to move in with you and abide. There’s someone today who is poor, but there is a man of great wealth heading your way that can meet your every need. He is risen. Someone is on a physical bed and the doctors have said it’s over or maybe it’s not but it’s hard just the same. Someone is a master physician, and even if life itself must end, THIS doctor will stay with the patient with assurance rather than insurance. He is risen. Today I call on all who are heavy laden underneath the burdens of life. I call you to no dead God in a tomb. I call you to no mystical God in the sky. I call you to Immanuel, to God with you, in you, next to you, living and breathing in your life and He’s whispering GET UP..COME OUT..LIVE! Life Prosperity Health! Oh someone didn’t hear him so He’s gotten louder, over the din of the haters and naysayers. GET UP..COME OUT OF YOUR AFFLICTION AND LIVE! Life Prosperity Health! Wait a minute I see somebody sitting in pew in what is called a church, but there is no church and no Word there this Sunday because the hearts ain’t and spirits and the minds ain’t right, Lord just have a private, personal session with someone in the pews, maybe in the choir stand, work some magic in the man or woman standing up there in your name this day. Tell them to GET UP! COME OUT! LIVE! BECAUSE He is risen and He lives! What is the evidence you say? Well I saw Him myself. I have to witness. I was dead just in my yesterday. My heart had nothing going on. My mind was empty. My spirit was dark. But I met this one that was supposed to be dead, claimed for the grave, and He came to me in MY tomb and said “You’re only sleeping. GET UP! COME OUT! LIVE!” and He said one more thing “TELL SOMEBODY..TELL ANYBODY..TELL EVERYBODY about what just happened cause when you tell them, I will give power to your words and they will resound throughout the necropolises of this civilization that others who appear to be dead may rise.” And so if you are within the sound of my earthly voice or sight of my electronic word and still laying there, you ain’t got nobody to blame. ‘Cause the work IS finished. It is done. The work in you is a lifetime, but that greater work which makes the lesser work in you possible is completed. He is risen. GET UP! COME OUT! LIVE! Satan can’t make you stay in that tomb, whatever it was, no more. Set my people free! (Imani in the name of the Lord God of Hosts who is to be praised for ever and ever)