Check The Fax

We have no police forces, we have no gun manufacturers, we have no gun stores, we have no bullet manufacturers, and our traditional cultures did not promote guns or gun violence so think about it. Where did this come from? Who ultimately benefits? Why is this seemingly our endemic problem? Once you do, then as Malcolm said, you can begin to plot a course that makes you appear intelligent rather than unintelligent.

When You Really Get Hungry

I always say that I am too TIRED to be marching around Eurocentric power centers begging for justice. In order to be a revolutionary you must be TIRED of something. I am waiting for us to get collectively TIRED. The kind of TIRED Fannie Lou Hamer mentioned as in being “sick and tired of BEING sick and tired” which collectively animated us during the 60s domestically and internationally. Because I find that UNTIL you get tired doing nothing or just going along with “symbolic acts” that are doing something that will amount to nothing will satisfy your cravings for justice. But when we get TIRED, TRULY tired, then we will truly demand something among ourselves stop the oppression and recognize that we cannot ask the system that engenders the problem to stop it and expect it to be either willing or capable.

You know how you get a LITTLE hungry? If you get something to eat, it’s fine, if not, you can hold out. And if you do eat, you can just grab something (anything pretty much). But then do you know how different that is when you get HOWNGRY? See then, playtime is over. You got to eat and you looking at everybody around you who in ANY way impeding the eating process with that look like…you gots 5 minutes before I get ugly. And any old meal ain’t gone do. Someone hands you a cookie and you be like, what’s that? You better bring me some real food and stop playing. I pray soon we get HOWNGRY! cause watching all this going through the motions in the kitchen has got this brother “STARVING like Marvin”.

The Fatal Lying

The civil rights rhetoric (not the movement itself but the logic) told a lie and we have been trapped in it, by the Negro “leadership” and the Eurocentric establishment ever since. The lie was that we could get justice and social progress by marching and begging and that the proof was supposedly desegregation and integration (the latter of which in my opinion should never have been a goal anyway). In any case, that is a lie. Segregation did not stop because people marched. It stopped because of systemic power considerations.

First, the economic pressure of the social disruption interfered with the monetary logic of segregation. Those who ran it realized they might lose money from boycotts but they would realize unbelievable wealth if they flipped the script and had the previously segregated community as conspicuous consumers. When the dust settled, we had no jobs and no businesses that we controlled and were almost 100% dependent on the system that oppressed us economically and civil rights called that progress and victory.

Politically, the Democrats who had opposed civil rights, recognized that the former segregated community could be a permanently dependent bloc in their voting schemes. We went from having independent parties and candidates and representation and strategies all across the political spectrum to slovenly dependence and fealty with respect to one party and just like when that one party was the Republicans, we got sold down the river and now cannot even conceive of an alternative. From political eclecticism to political dependence (giving the right to the whole system to ignore us) and the civil rights folks called THAT victory and progress.

We ended up right where we were collectively when slavery ended, broke and dependent and we are still there marching and begging and the leaders STILL lie and say that’s all we can do. That is lie unto hell and they know it but they line their religious, political, and economic pockets with money from us and from the system because and so they keep pushing it.

The Biggest Sellout Ever

The “civil rights” leaders and organizations made deals with Eurocentric philanthropy and liberalism. “They” would get “integrated” and positioned and funding as your “leadership,” while you and I would get a “dream.” And while keeping your eye on the “birdie”, I mean “dream”, all of the economic wealth and independence our ancestors had fought since during slavery to build would be stolen or voluntarily given away for a vain promise. Wake up to reality. You been hoodwinked and you should dismiss all of these leaders who participated in the scam and stop funding all the organizations that were and are designed to do everything and anything but teach you to do and be for yourself.

“For” and No “Against”

The pan-Afrikan liberation struggle, is not about being AGAINST anyone or any group of human beings. It IS about Afrikans, being for the first time, in a LOOONG time, FOR something. That is, FOR themselves and when I say “selves” I don’t mean the ego, materialistic, individual selves, that say “whatever I want to do and say” but the collective selves that are referenced in “I am because we are.” And the pan-Afrikan struggle believes that the assertion of humanity and justice for any people, including for Afrikans, is ultimately for the good of all humanity.

Violence Against Women in the NFL and Elsewhere

The US core culture is a core culture of violence. That includes violence against women. Sports, particularly football, are based on masculine domination of opponents, creating a psychology of psychopathy towards the football and the one who possesses it and is arrayed against you on the feel. You go to war, just like a soldier on that field and you pay any cost physical or mental to win. Many die and are harmed as we now know from the evidence in court on concussions and brain injuries, but all of these are seen like veteran’s injuries, the price you have to pay and like veteran’s you develop a kind of PGSD Post game stress disorder which can lead to violence and paranoia, most often against women and children in your vicinity. And all of this makes unbelievable amounts of money and is tied to the psychopathic identity of the “fan.” Certainly I like sports but I am not fanatical about them. Many are and its those people that drive the billions and the billionaires. And so you have to way the protection of women, against everything that is considered good and right and noble in the Eurocentric world. The outcome of that was decided in this culture long ago. This is just the announcement. As a battered NFL wife in one interview said, one of the wives or girlfriends would have to die before anyone says anything. I am even more cynical. I think some have ALREADY and more will and that, because of the money and the ideological spirit of the Eurocentric Roman gladiators packing into the Sunday Colosseum, that not even their martyrdom will make a difference.

A Poem for Raashanai (My Girl)- Death By Parental Abuse

I wept today for my girl. Well, she wasn’t my girl, but then she was, because she was all of ours. And before she was ours, she was God’s who gave her to us. She was not really unique, but then she was. She was nobody, but everybody. Every girl is her twin. She’s just like everybody’s else’s..girl. She just wanted love and to play and to be cared for and nurtured and maybe have girls of her own someday like other girls, like every girl, like every woman who was ever a girl, someone’s girl. But I lost my girl, she went away. Well, they took her away. I guess we SENT her away. My girl, your girl, our girl. She’s gone and I can’t see her exactly but then I do. She’s STILL my girl and your girl and all those other girls we got and they need the same thing and her spirit tells me if you don’t want to lose your girl, you have to take care of your girl. Cause if you want your own girl, you got to have a girl and care for her so she becomes the woman who has the girl. I miss my girl. Today and every day. I wept and will weep more for my girl. My girl was my life, she is my life, she is all life. At least she went to the one who is also all life. I see my girl everyday, cause her face shows up on the faces of all these girls. Maybe I can love THEM, maybe I can care for them and they can become women who have girls and boys who grow up to be men and women who love girls (and boys too!) And I bet some of those girls will be just like my girl, Raashanai.

In Defense of Defense of the People

The necessity and right of a people to defend itself and its interests is already established within the learned base of experiential knowledge of all people throughout time and is not subject to a particular character of people and is therefore similarly necessary and right for Afrikans collectively. This is neither a call to rioting nor vigilantism, but collective self-defense and only a leadership tending to cowardice, ignorance, or purchased by those who make the community victim, would continue to completely ignore its necessity and the need for its implementation in some form in the face of the present circumstances and with the stated intent of protecting Afrikan lives, property, and institutions.

And collective self defense, for the uninitiated is NOT a bunch of people walking around with guns. Nor does “collective” mean simply more than one person or a set of individuals in the same place and time, THAT does not make a collective. A collective must have collective training, collective leadership, collective operating procedures, collective coordination, collective financing and a collective agenda.

Similarly, collective self-defense would not center around guns. Certainly guns are tools that must and would be part of its arsenal, but a true collective-defense mechanism would and should have the widest possible array of training and tools in avoiding and defusing personal confrontation and managing communal disputes peaceably, since the primary goal would and must be preventing the need or perceived need for the external law enforcement structures of the neocolonial power to enter our communities with a license to kill.