There is No Rival

I continue to be stunned by the people who have gotten buffaloed by Eurocentric theology who say things like God wanted a train wreck or a drive by shooting or other evil. God allows man to explore the limits of their will, but does not desire evil. Man creates evil when he and she responds affirmatively to the temptations offered by Satan in the form of the illusion of fame, money, power, security, respect, etc. and chooses to act against God’s law and against His will for their lives.

Think about it, if God wanted you to die and Satan wants you to die, how would they be different? God and Satan are not “two sides” of a supposed “same coin.” There is no rival or true opposite to God. Satan, as he says, goes about AS a roaring lion (meaning not really one) seeing whom he can devour (whose faith and commitment is weak enough to allow him an indwelling of the spirit). God stands alone. Satan is already defeated. He just wants to take you and me down with him, if WE choose to cooperate.

And God notes this when He says what Satan and you and I intend for evil, He will use for good. That means that we can harbor evil intent, but when we act on that intent, God in His will turn what results from the evil intent into something that will ultimately be good. He also says in Jeremiah “know the plans that I have for you” and goes on to say that the goal is to give you a future and bring you joy and happiness. Finally, He says He came to give you life in abundance not death and misery. So when you DECIDE to do your “dirt”, like I do and did, make sure you not only don’t say “the devil made me do it.” You better not say “it’s God’s will” either because that adds the lie to your sin. Here’s another one. “God didn’t lead me this far to fail me.” Are you sure He took you there, or did you and I just walk away from Him and end up in that mess and need His undeserved grace and help getting out? I’m speaking from witness and life testimony here. He may help you out, but everything that happens in your life ain’t you and I being obedient to Him leading us, but often us just wandering off, thinking we can trust in our own “wisdom” Last one. The Lord helps those who help themselves. That’s not Christian. The Lord helped and helps those who CANNOT and COULD NOT help themselves because they needed a savior to do the work and if He is and was a savior that’s a hint that He came TO save and not to make bad stuff happen to you and me (you and I were doing plenty bad enough by ourselves). (Trust ye NOT in your OWN wisdom). Bout to make me preach up in here.

Accept No Substitutes

Mothers are not and never will be surrogates for fathers and vice versa. Weak men and women as well as death and other things may force us to rear children alone but the roles assigned by God don’t change and remain necessary. We have to avoid the Eurocentric trick of teaching us that the disintegration of family in our communities is acceptable. (Imani)

Hold the Apology, Unless…

Apologies don’t “fix” wrongs. God must ultimately repair heart, mind, and spirit. An apology may begin to repair a social relationship but not evil or wrong which is why like an apology for slavery would be nonsense. And even the social relationship will not be repaired if apology is not followed with atonement, an attempt to ameliorate the effects of the wrong, and amendment; a refrain from future behavior of the sort, is not to be had.

The “Riot” Act

“Riots,” so-called (I detest that term but I use it here just so people get my context) are not acts of collective self-defense, but acts of desperation for the lack thereof. They represent not a revolutionary victory but a stunning defeat, for they expose the people to the consequences of direct confrontation with the system when it is the job of leadership and the people’s armies (which should exist) to do that. Two, because they are not, they inevitably will end with symbolic victories like charges for police or statements from politicians or other things without substance. And the bargain will inevitably be struck at the seller’s price. But that is enough when there is no real strategic and tactical objective to capture and no long term infrastructure to build with no collective agenda to justify its construction. Three, because they are not, they will likely be repeated since the circumstances that led to the explosion of tension is structural not particular and “riots” do not change structures, revolutions do. Four, one of the hints of the reactionary rather than revolutionary nature of “riots” is the fact that people seem almost surprised when those who participate are arrested and sentenced to prison. Even those who participate seem surprised. A revolutionary as even Dr. King said recognizes that breaking an unjust law may be necessary. However, the revolutionary in breaking the law accepts the consequences of doing so as the price of the revolution. The whole presupposition of “rioting” is that you wont suffer consequences and so more than a few would-be revolutionaries just end up being additional cannon fodder for the oppressor’s criminal justice system. Finally, five, “riots” as a type of general lawlessness create a climate that justifies lawlessness in general, including that that is AGAINST the people. I can’t tell you how many articles I read which attempt to support Afrikan “rioters” by saying it’s just like the Klan or its just like white supremacy without realizing that making such an argument actually justifies those things rather than envisioning an order of peace and justice without them and without the circumstances that lead to “riots” which they cause. I am NOT casting aspersion on the masses who feel they have to let their feelings be known in the streets. I AM saying that that is the lowest level of collective political expression and that it is because the Negro leadership has failed so miserably that this is option 1-4 for the masses when dealing with police brutality and almost everything else. Miami, LA, Omaha, Tulsa, Ferguson, what brother is next? What town is next? When I think about the fact that we have not even now designed anything to prevent this from happening again (the murders, the need for mass destruction),, it makes me want to riot. And when I see some who don’t, as Malcolm said, understand what a real revolution is, confusing a “riot” to get the oppressive system to respond with an effort to escape the system, I want to riot on them.


I dont believe you learn consciousness. Consciousness is related to conscientiousness and committment with respect to the masses of the people. You can be knowledgeable but not conscious. You can also apply some knowledge and not be. Consciousness is neither just doing or just knowing but doing and knowing in a collectively referent way.

Different Child

I recognize that I am quite different from many in the global Pan-Afrikan struggle because I have an intimate love affair with truth and reality. I do not always find either to my liking, BUT I am ancestrally convinced that these are the only legitimate bases for creating practical spiritual, social, economic, and political change for the masses of the people and also that both fantasy and deception (the most traded commodities in key sectors of the movement today) have been proven inadequate for that purpose.