Knowledge Ain’t “Free”

Knowledge is NEVER free. The idea that you supposedly can get it for nothing, or that you should, leads people to devalue it or to give up on acquiring it as the truth of the cost becomes apparent. Even worse it makes ignorance appear to equally as valuable as knowledge. Ignorance costs more in the longer run, but knowledge can be expensive in the short run in terms of money, time, and opportunity cost as you choose study over play and leisure. So it’s not free versus cost, it’s short term cost and long term gain versus the “free” ignorance and its long term losses.

“Race,” Love, and The False Continuum

I So-called “interracial” relationships are fine when they embody real godly love between the partners. But if it’s actually a cloak for prejudice against self, sister, or brother, it’s not love, but a manifestation of a mental illness created by cognitive enslavement. And this is in either direction for BOTH partners. If you’re with someone SOLELY because they are or are not part of a particular ethnic group or nationality or because of their money or fame or athleticism or so on, you’ve got a warped definition of love and you will likely end up setting up yourself and your partner for unnecessary heartbreak and spiritual trauma.

My “white” friends are my friends because of our mutually interdependent relationship AS friends and not merely because they are “white” or “not black.” And nothing about them being my friends makes me nullify my love and relationships for my Afrikan brethren and sistren.

Similarly, my “black” friends are my friends because of our mutually interdependent relationship AS friends and not merely because they are “black.” I learned long ago that every brother or sister ain’t a brother or sister in that sense. And nothing about THEM being my friends makes me hate or feel prejudice towards anyone else.

Love and hate are not actually opposite ends of a continuum, or engaged in a “zero sum” relationship with each other, unless you choose for them to be in your own spirit, mind, and heart. Love for self does not require hatred towards someone else. In fact directing hate consciously towards someone else ultimately destroys one’s capacity for love altogether, either for self or others.

The Love Revolutionary

I am not a racist. Once I learned that the idea of separate races was socially constructed and not factual, I ceased to see the world in that rubric. My process of progressive sanctification in Christ only reinforced that view, since the Lord made me to understand that any focus on materialization of humanity, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, and so on, while relevant for human scientific analysis was inadequate for a kingdom-level perspective in which the state of men’s souls and not their bodies was the ultimate issue. I was reminded of my elder who said I have no problem with “white” people, I just have a problem with “white” people “acting white.” Brilliant, although I missed it at the time. The problem was not in how we physically appear, but how we socially act towards each other. And the “acting” part was important to because it meant this way of interacting was not innate, but “performed” dramaturgically, according to some social script. I learned white supremacy ideology was that script. To deconstruct that is to begin to change the way we relate. I then learned there were other oppressive “scripts” that oppressed on the basis of gender, class, sexuality, language, religion and that the Eurocentric global power structure itself rested upon the generation and maintenance of these “scripts.” In becoming, I learned again what I knew as a babe to love all God made without regard to these divisions, that the “scripts” warped the spirit of humanity and made people unable to relate to themselves or to God with truth, justice, equality, or love and thus my mission in Christ was not to war against flesh and blood but against the spiritual wickedness of these narratives, at the highest level that that which the Devil has rent, be reassembled and that some semblance of the kingdom come on earth. So I am a revolutionary, but like Christ my tools are not hatred, bigotry, or prejudice, but a radical love that seeks out hate and obliterates it.

Fatal Errancy

It’s so sad to see Afrikans, the fathers and mothers of civilization, with direct connection to and descendancy from God, the deities, the ancestors, and the elders buy into Eurocentric philosophical atheism merely because their slave masters and colonizers used their faith and spirituality against them in their oppression. Ironically, it was God, not the false one they learned about in Eurocentric theology, but the real one who sent the myriad of His disciples with the strategic and tactical tools that freed them, it was God that sustained them during the siege, and it is God that reveals to them the bits and pieces of knowledge they have now, thinking them errantly to be complete. If God were not the power of liberation, the slave masters and colonizers would not have worked so hard to confound your relationship with Him. Liberation will never be found in completing the slave master’s work in you to get you to abandon faith and worship yourself AS HE DOES, but rather in re-energizing and strengthening your faith and reapplying it to your culture and social condition so that God can complete His work in you. It is not religion or the church or temple or mosque or scripture or God or the orisha or the ancestors who are the enemies but the de-Afrikanization and de-spiritualization of these. If you think the price of the restoration of the mind and the body is the loss of the soul, you have made the Faustian bargain of all time.

The Kemet Obsession

I think its great to study Kemet, but sadly many fall into what I call Kemetocentrism which reduces the whole of the ancient Afrikan story to a idealized Kemet. Kemet was an imperial power and as such was extremely culturally, ethically, linguistically, and socially diverse. A lot of things Kemetocentrists attribute to it alone were syncretic cultural borrowings from various other parts of the continent and predecessor and contemporaneous civilizations external to itself. Ethiopia and Nuba as well as the empires of what is today the Congo region figure prominently in the discussion. For me focusing Afrika on one empire in one region is as myopic and flawed as viewing the continent through Eurocentric eyes.

Fake Powers

The illuminati has no power and is basically part of a string of european secret societies that are imitation of the original Afrikan mystery schools of priests and scribes. If you understand the history of the symbols and rituals, you know they are invoked out of context. Sadly, so few of us know our own history and the spectre of such groups and their secrecy convince us they actually have spiritual power. Stephen Cokely brilliantly deconstructed the secret societies and masonic lore from an Afrikan perspective and I recommend his work to anyone who  has bought into the mythologizing.

The Real Foundational Knowledge

‘Bout to get in trouble with some space cadets. They always walk around saying “if you don’t understand white supremacy ideology, everything else you think you know will only confuse you.” Error. Why? Because God is the source of all understanding. Unless you are an atheist, you know that God knows and understands all things. As such, a relationship with God allows Him to impart wisdom to you, as needed for the fulfillment of His will in your life, concerning any subject and all subjects. Meaning that I could understand white supremacy ideology all day, as many do, but fail to understand God and therefore that aforementioned knowledge is for naught for I will have no power to overcome that ideology. And knowledge of white supremacy ideology, by itself and in and of itself, would provide no necessary knowledge on many other things I would still need to know about physical, mental, and spiritual matters BEYOND white supremacy to survive. Thus the scripture, seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and all other things will be added unto you. If you ONLY know white supremacy ideology and you think that that is all you need to know, you’re already confused and actually a victim of that ideology, which suggests that “whiteness” is the most important thing that exists.

Truth Is

Attempting to silence or “not hear” those who seek to share with you elements of the truth about your words and actions will not make that truth any less so, just keep you blind to it, and the latter to your potential danger and detriment. I learned that the hard way in my life. The truth doesn’t need your belief in or acceptance of it to be what it is, the truth.

Warrior versus fighter 3

In fighting, mutual respect is rendered virtually impossible because one must be defeated, degraded, debased, and embarrassed. In warrior sport, mutual respect is earned as one recognizes in competition, the superior skill of the advantaged and so the challenger ultimately becomes the willing student and the advantaged the teacher.