I dont believe you learn consciousness. Consciousness is related to conscientiousness and committment with respect to the masses of the people. You can be knowledgeable but not conscious. You can also apply some knowledge and not be. Consciousness is neither just doing or just knowing but doing and knowing in a collectively referent way.

Different Child

I recognize that I am quite different from many in the global Pan-Afrikan struggle because I have an intimate love affair with truth and reality. I do not always find either to my liking, BUT I am ancestrally convinced that these are the only legitimate bases for creating practical spiritual, social, economic, and political change for the masses of the people and also that both fantasy and deception (the most traded commodities in key sectors of the movement today) have been proven inadequate for that purpose.

Unworthy Stoners

When we as Christians fall or see others among us fall, we are to lament and pray for our fallen brothers and sisters, not seek to mock them. We have a faith of forgiveness and restoration, not condemnation. The woman in scripture who was involved in an adulterous relationship was brought before the Lord for stoning. They sought her embarrassment and public shaming as well as condemnation. The Lord gave them none, but turned it on them saying in effect, yes, she is guilty and worthy of punishment, but which of you is so clean yourself as to administer it? They were smart enough to get going. Some of us are not so wise, thinking our filthy selves worthy of heaving stones and we condemn ourselves by each one we would cast.

The Movement’s Sickening Drumbeat of Anti-Christian Anecdote

My question now is why we constantly put out articles that show people of faith doing negative things when there are thousands more posts we could post about the millions of Christians and believers in general among our people that do righteous things? Churches are the number one supporters in our community financially for drug treatment, prison rehabilitation, education, business development and on and on. Yes, there are crappy churches and crappy preachers who do crappy stuff. Same in any religion, same in any human group. I could show you murderous atheists and non-Christians, but if I am posting that every day you would have a right to ask if my agenda to build unity or division. Afrikan tradition says you draw attention to what you want to replicate and venerate not to evil. So my question is why we push this stuff if we want churches and pastors and others to do righteous things or is our agenda to mock God and religion and believers? It’s an important inquiry for me because I don’t choose to associate myself with groups or people who do that. I don’t associate with those who mock Christianity obviously but also those who mock other faiths. I respect folks’ right to believe whatever they believe, but that mocking stuff is just prejudice and bigotry and whether that’s coming FROM believers (as it does sometimes) or aimed AT them, I detest it and condemn it as anti our community because if you are mocking the people and their institutions and beliefs you will not go anywhere among them (as much as you ego might tell you otherwise). I spend my time with Christians who build, not those who destroy. I spend my time with Muslims who build and not who destroy. I spend my time with atheists who build and not those who destroy. I spend my time with indigenous Afrikan traditional priests and believers who build and not those who destroy. The movement is about unifying regardless of our beliefs on the basis of what we share in common, not constantly shelling out negative stuff against a particular religion or set of believers or faith. If we think it is the latter, we have lost the focus and to the progress of our enemies and not the people themselves.

I am a minister of the Lord and have no apologies for that. I am also a life long Pan-Afrikan and don’t apologize for that either. Just as I don’t hang around long if folks start attacking Afrikans, I’m gone if I find folks are anti-Christians (no problem with NON-Christians, just ANTI-Christians). I don’t wave my faith as a banner in anyone’s face, but I am not the passive variety of Christian that will sit around while folks attack Christians out of ignorance and lies either. I am happy to join in the critique of “bad” Christians, but what about “bad” folks in other religions, in traditional religions so-called, in atheism? Christians were leaders in all of the movements for liberation for our people and still play central roles throughout the world. Tubman, King, Washington, Du Bois, Garvey, Nat Turner, Desmond Tutu, and the list goes on on. All Christians. But we choose to trot out every lame story of some random minister who steals or does something horrible as if that is representative of all Christians or Christian faith or Christ Himself. We need a reality check on this. It’s the same as all the Eurocentrists who equate all Muslims and Islam as a whole with terrorists. That’s ignorance and we cannot liberate using ignorance. So I am challenging us to come up with positive things faith institutions and believers do within our community and to bring attention to those. And If you can’t think of any, you don’t know the faith well and you may want to study a bit more before articulating a view. I work with those who feed, clothe, take care of the sick, the elderly, the children, the addicted and try the best they know how to help others in their community. I know about the sharks and demons but they are not us and we are not them. Christ Himself said not everyone who cries out Lord, Lord is His disciple. So there is nothing new here. These people have always been there. But the challenge is to focus on the good when the world of Satan would have you focus on the evil.

Quoting the one called Paul: “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things…” I made this point against someone else who kept talking about negative stuff in the community. We were trained in slavery to see the worst in ourselves and what we do and our institutions. If we escape mental slavery we have to learn to see our potentials, our strength, our ability to accomplish. Otherwise we will stay in our condition. I ask each person when they think of one reason to condemn their people and not see hope, to consciously think of three reasons TO believe and work with them for change. We learned how to denigrate ourselves and worship our negatives. We must unlearn this and go now in the opposite direction if we want opposite results.

We make sure the story about the minister who made women show him their genitals goes viral and gets passed around but the story about the minister in the hood who actually had a reverse Sunday collection and passed out church funds to the poor members seems to have shown up once and no one thought THAT was worth tagging and passing around. That is a sickness, not only of the minister with the sexual fetish I referenced, but also us for wanting to see and hear and pass that around, rather than the second story.

And the real sadness is that you have some who call themselves BELIEVERS who would be more inclined to read and pass around the first story than spread the gospel. SMH. Have mercy.

I think “movement folk” have a tendency to look for and glorify with glee negative stuff about ministers and churches and God on what are supposedly black community issue and development pages and I believe that is as morally corrupt and disingenuous as the motivations of the people who do those horrible things and in any case not productive for our liberation.

Imani’s Dream

King had a dream and I have one too and it’s NOT deeply rooted in the “American Dream” because I believe the “American Dream” may be in opposition to mine. My dream is that I have a dream that one day Africans from the United States and from the Caribbean and from Central and South America and from Europe and Australia and from Asia and from the continent will one day, little “black” boys and “black” girls will be able to join hands with each other as sisters and brothers. And not just their hands, but their resources, their ideas, and their organizations, being proud to be part of one global part of the human family and engaging with the rest of humanity on that basis.

When the Lord came, he came as a Jew to the Jews first. For His own. Why then do Afrikans operate as though they must come to others first and then possibly work their way back home?

Crass Hypocrisy

The overwhelming number of anticolonialist, antislavery, antisegregation activists among Afrikan people in the classical period of the struggle were religious believer and mosques, synagogues, and churches were the main organizing locales. Mostly Christian and Muslim, as the majority of our people are now. Yet, somehow the movement now has little vocal pockets of people who only have the positions and statuses they have and the platforms they use BECAUSE of those believers, their work, their faith and their God who then attack religion. Forget about the lack of information, it’s tactically and strategically asinine among a worldwide Afrikan community of believers. It’s like someone who can’t swim, who begins to drown, gets saved by a lifeguard, who then shoots the lifeguard on the grounds that he or she was responsible. Even worse, what happens when they go back into the water? Might want to have some lifeguards around. I’m just saying. Particularly if YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM.

Bidirectional BS

A people brainwashed with misinformation cannot liberate themselves with more misinformation, even if the latter is claimed to be ideologically their own version of the lies. That is, the character and ultimate practical uselessness of untruth does not improve based on whose telling it.

Wrong Subject

Afrikans often discuss stuff only because the slave master says it is important and they get brainwashed into thinking that its important for them because its important to the system. It reminds of me of the debate some negroes had over “white” and “black” Cleopatra. Since the Cleopatras (there was more than one) were the daughters of invaders, why is this a central question for an Africa-centered scholar of Egypt? It isn’t. That whole debate existed because one Cleopatra was esteemed by the West. I could care less about Cleopatra and her sexually seducing some Romans. In the movies I root for the asp.

The Essence of the Game

You can have as many pieces on the Monopoly board as you want, if I am the banker and I got all the property cards. Sheer numbers do not necessarily change the rules, especially if the masses are not properly educated, socialized, and politicized for the purpose. The terms “silent majority” and “sleeping dragon” come to mind.

“Slaves” in the “Big House”

Put slaves in charge of the plantation. That is not liberation unless they have been freed from the plantation mentality. In its presence, they will run the plantation the same way. Ask neocolonial modern Afrika for the text on the illusion that simply having majorities and taking over structures is “freedom.