Stuns me that there is any image of Afrikan people in the Western world, especially the US, as “lazy.” Afrikan people did the labor of the Western imperialist, colonialist, and slavery structure under force of arms for more than 400 years and at the end we spent the next 100 years trying to convince Europeans and Euro Americans they could and should live with their former slaves in peace (a battle that continues). Add in a few endless symbolic marches and you have to conclude we ain’t lazy, we’re just tired.

Priorities: Home First

I think Afrikan kujichagulia will effectively dismantle the EFFECTS of racism and that is my concern. I really don’t think Afrikan people should spend their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional time solving the problems others have with racism and/or white supremacy which is their job. In fact, I was always personally curious why we considered it our collective or special job to save some people who were not interested in saving us. God did not send me here for that and I think we are thoroughly confused and brainwashed when we spend more time trying to deconstruct what others created for their benefit than constructing stuff for ourselves and dealing with our own problems. Imagine me helping Euro American poverty problems and ignoring poverty in the hood. Asbackwards if you ask me.

Know God, Know Self


Any conception we have concerning the divine is itself dependent upon the divine power granting us the capacity to perceive the divine. It is the existence as opposed to the non-existence of God and our “soul”ar knowledge of the same that drives the quest to conceptualize the divine. But better competing perceptions than denial, which is self-negation. In that it is we and not God who ceases to exist. (Imani)

The Real Church, the Real Religion

God’s definition of religion is a servant and disciple relationship with Him. God’s definition of “church” is when two or three who have such relationships come together to praise, worship, and study to effectively build and reinforce them. Too many people have errantly imposed man’s definition of church and religion and thus are confused. By their confusion they seek to leave religion and the church, not knowing that in truth that would be the effective negation of their existence or they are disappointed in both, thinking religion to be theology and the church to be a building.

Go in a cathedral as many times as you want and pay all the money you will, that is NOT religion, but a weekly meeting. Get together with those who say they are believers and discussing the faith without having any intent of actually doing anything Christ said in practice and you are not having any church.

Too many church folk never been to church. Too many folks deep in theology and obedience to it who have no obedient discipleship with God. Too many more make the mistake of judging either situation as in fact, BEING church and religion and making life threatening decisions about their relationship with God based on them.

 I am in church right now and I am not in a building. A true believer stays in church. We may periodically assemble with others of the faith to share, but when we do that, that is not somehow different or superior to the church of our own hearts and if we do not have God in our hearts where we might worship Him in spirit, then getting together in the assembly is for naught, for there is no power in faith without works.

Similarly I cannot leave my religion or my faith, for my belief and the discipline I am on as a believer gives me my purpose and direction in life. The idea that I would in effect, abandon LIFE and its purpose and meaning, over some theology or something said or done by some person or set of persons in a man-made building is asinine. I would only make such a bargain, if Satan had confused me about what true religion is.


Premature Conclusions

The Earth is not dead. The Eurocentric world is what is dead and decaying. Underneath babies are being born, and divine blessings of life are still occurring, from the blooming of a flower in the concrete underneath fields of war to the windy breezes upon your face amidst human suffering, reminders abound that the true processes of earth and nature, of justice and order, which God set in motion at the dawn of time remain as the civilization of corrupt man fall into dust. Reports of God’s death then too, are at best premature as all will soon know.

Revolution By Love

I continue to believe the most revolutionary thing an Afrikan can do today is to find a crossgender partner to love and build a relationship with them involving family and business because it contradicts everything the ideology of the system anticipates and advocates towards Afrikan downfall and the subjugation of the oppressed.

On Gandhi

The answer is yes. Gandhi spoke in favor of British colonialism, casteism, and white supremacy while promoting Indian liberation. At best he was a hypocrite, neither the first nor the last among activists to be true but certainly no role model for Afrikan liberation.

The issue is that he is romanticized, yet there are hundreds of other Afrikan philosophers, rulers, and activists who advocated similar philosophies. The rub he is not personally responsible for is the lionizing of his own image which like that of the rapist, child molester, and slaver Thomas Jefferson misleads oppressed people into thinking many of their own oppressors, liberators. Its the same Eurocentric revisionist historicism that turns murderers and thieves of the colonial US west into frontier pioneer heroes or the beast Cecil Rhodes into someone worth naming a prestigous scholarship after.

Gandhi is disposable for me because I don’t need him for liberation theorizing, knowing the depth and breadth of Afrikan history. The reason we glorify many figures is out of ignorance about them AND ignorance about others in our own traditions and histories that may have inspired and/or transcended them. The idea that Gandhi evented nonviolent resistance against colonialism is rubbish and the notion of democracy coexistent with cultural and racist casteism is as idiotic as the notion of democracy and slavery tried in the US.

“Schooling” is Not “Education”

Eurocentric education does not end prejudiced ideological thinking. It often exacerbates it, regardless of discipline. This is because of its false concept of objectivity. That concept encourages you to externalize knowledge and frees you of an obligation to actuate it. Thus I could in this system be an “expert” on poverty and live a life totally insensitive to the plight of the poor. Some of the worst racists, sexists, and other undesirables are highly “educated.” Carter Woodson and Dr. Clarke warned us about confusing Eurocentric scholarly credentialling with real culturally relevant education. How many of our scholars, so called, actually have the desire and ability to build any real Africa-centered institutions for the people? Some, too many, have a revolution that cannot be televised, but is being posted and while that gives them status , it’s useless for our progress collectively. Expecting much in the way of ideological foresight from such people is unrealistic.

Someone asked me once what I thought of the “luminaries” in our field. I said the West is busy Dyson us to pieces and closing Gates around us, saying Asante sana to our kujichagulia. I haven’t moved from that critique. Black studies will always reflect the people and when the people are held in thrall by oppressive ideologies, so the discipline will be similarly mired. A liberatory Black Studies MUST build for the liberation of the people. Any other agenda is a traitorous scamming built on the backs of their oppressed cognitive, spiritual, and social condition.

God is Neither Bigot Nor Terrorist

God is not to blame but Eurocentrism is. Almost all of the modern constructs of sexuality are European and not Afrikan or indigenous in origin and so are the ideas which constructs the world into an endless set of antagonistic oppositions. It is religion under the influence of Eurocentrism which promotes bigotry not God and so as much as I love God, i have never been homophobic and an implication that one must hate others or discriminate to serve or love God is evidence of an immature faith in which God is conformed to the world rather than the inverse. Same for fear. The mature believer does not serve God out of fear and that is a Western mistranslation in the text. Where they say fear, it generally means august respect and reverence. God is neither a bigot nor a terrorist but man can be and then manipulates texts and institutions to justify being both.

On Expanding State “Marriage”

Today the Supreme Court acted to ensure that all US citizens had equal rights  As long as the state attached citizenship benefits to marriage, it was inevitable that the court would HAVE to ultimately rule so and those who believe in fundamental fairness have to applaud. My lament as a believer though is that marriage, which for me was always a divine rather than human or secular institution, ever became defined and dependent upon the state, ANY marriage, heterosexual or otherwise. My view is that the state should only HAVE civil unions for state purposes. Had that been the case, gay and lesbian couples would never have had to fight so long and religious believers would not have needed to involve themselves and be portrayed as being prejudiced merely for BEING believers. Yet, despite my theoretical issues with the methodology here, I celebrate this victory for extension of citizenship rights to all who are entitled to them. I have always opposed any form of state and public prejudice and discrimination on any basis, sexual minority status included.