Non Non-Profit

Nonprofit means controlled by those who generate profit. Afrikan people and their communities need to become allergic to that term and instead look for ways to generate revenue while meeting communal needs. The reason Eurocentrists always tell poor people to form nonprofits to change their condition is that such organizations guarantee that no economic power will change hands in the latter’s direction and the former get the added bonus of using the funding they have to provide as leverage to assure these organizations never become truly revolutionary or participate in revolutionary activities.

Time To Suit Up

I am going to say it. We need to have appropriate, measured, trained security for those who are marching and that means community defense militia units. I am going to keep saying it until it strikes a cord with someone, otherwise bullets are going to keep striking a lot of someones. That is not violence (stay away from me with that slave theology Eurocentric BS), it’s self defense. Barack Obama has security because his position makes people want to hurt him as the representative of the US, Afrikan people need security at strategic times and places because their position makes white supremacists and other Eurocentrists want to hurt them. It’s just that simple

And I have no loss of faith. I would be the first to pray as anyone who is an expert in martial arts would that the force units would never have to be used beyond deterrence. But I would ALSO pray that if they became necessary that they would be effective against the enemies of God’s people. If you want to understand me, study the armies of God’s people in scripture The notion that God did not provide for the defense of His people is simply a lie. And you were told that lie by your slavemasters and colonizers and continue to be told it by your neo-colonizers and their assistants so that you remain defenseless as sheep before wolves.

Thought and Logic: But Who’s?

Logic and thought, (the systems for doing so, not the mental acts themselves) are not universal, they are grounded in cultural epistemologies. So it is as important to know and consider who’s and what kind of thinking and logic deduction one’s people are involved in as the mere fact that they are involved.The inattention to that in the movement is why we recycle so many Eurocentric ideas thinking them our own.

Love Without Limitation

If a Christian says he or she cannot love you because of the teaching of Christ they are lying unto hell since Christ IS the embodiment of love.

When we seek reasons to hate, to hurt, to despoil, to destroy, those are not in God but in our own hearts and that is the source of the problem. Any true believer knows that one of the primary goals of life of faith and work is to transform the fleshy, evil heart of man back into a model of God’s loving one.


Beware the Dialectic of Death

If a “conscious” person says to embrace your culture you must reject your faith, they are lying and merely want to you to act to validate their own lack of belief and to, in many cases, join their own little marginal atheists organizations and movements, giving them the time, money, resources, and energy rightly given to God and the ancestors.

Armed and Dangerous

The most powerful person in the Afrikan universe is one who is armed with both the knowledge and the capability to apply the teaching of their cultures and ALSO armed with knowledge and capability concerning spirituality, whether it is manifested and elaborated in formal religious institutions or not.

All Ingredients Required

If any Afrikan thinks that individual or collective liberation can be effectively acquired or sustained in the absence of cultural or spiritual knowledge (which may or may not be manifested as religion), they are deceived and are not yet cognitively free of Eurocentrism which argues that the Afrikan must make a choice between them.

Why is it fatal for an Afrikan and any oppressed person to even contemplate making such a choice? Because we are at WAR and the war is not confined to any particular realm of our being. Our cultural armaments prepare us to engage the attacks on our minds and bodies, the spiritual ones the attacks on our spirits. Only the most foolish warriors, and we have far too many who chose to be so, actually leaves half of his or her weaponry in the depot before heading to the battlefield. Afrikan scripture says arm yourself with the WHOLE ARMOR of God. That’s spiritual, mental, and physical people. Stop falling for the oppressor’s game that some atheistic cultural nationalist or some Afro-religious fundamentalist is going to lead themselves or us anywhere. They are both the definition of practically and strategically useless to the movement and are in fact, neither cultural nor religious in Afrikan traditional terms, but merely Eurocentric egotists worshipping at the altars of their own vanity and hoping you join them.

Miss AllThat By DP Da Reapa (Nikitah Imani)

Poem (to those sisters and women who read it and unpleasantly recognize that it was for them in the past or in the know who you is! We brothers love yall but for real, for real)

Miss Allthat

See I know you Miss Allthat
You look good, smell good, got a sexy walk, pretty smile, and maybe even a good head on yo shoulders
But I’m inclined to miss all that
When you play me, your Afrikan brother, like you doing me a favor for sharing a word or your time
I want to miss all that
When you don’t need me, but can spend my cash
When you ain’t got time, but call me when you need a friend
When you looking for a good man, and you play me like ellison’s Invisible
I know you Miss Allthat
But if you look behind you at the killing fields of losers you been dealing with
It says something about you and your judgment too boo and not just THEM
Ooh, so now you saying I’m gone miss all that
Well, it ain’t like it ain’t going on without you here, and always was
I added to you boo, and to thine own self you best be true
Before you be missing something
You say brothers got to meet yo standards
Nothing wrong with standards, but you got to meet your own first
It’s alright to hold your head up high, but when you bend over your u-know what smell too precious
So Miss Allthat
I know I ain’t all that
But I am that I am and it’s all good, or at least better than what you got now
And you know it, otherwise you wouldn’t be hanging round here
I ain’ good enough to be yours, but you asking me for recs?
If you trust me to evaluate, you should trust me to initiate
Cool. MissAllThat
Imani perfectly understands that he got to miss all that
But maybe I’m realizing and you demonstrating that all that ain’t what’s it cracked up to be
And that maybe I can do without all that drama, and all that dishonesty, and all that manipulation, and all that playing me for the okey-doke
Yeah, I’m gone miss all that, cause it wadn’t all that
But somebody out there, who recognizes they ain’t really got nothing
Gone see all dis here and realize that it’s probably worth some time to get close to all that, appreciate all that, and love all that
That maybe all that can be combined with that there and then it’ll all add up to something for real
So you can keep all that
I’ll miss all that
Miss AllThat
But it’s gone be a shame when you diss a good brother standing before you
Over some made up in yo head BS
And you realize in time later when you rolling solo
That the next good man on the docket just calling you
Miss…for short. (c) 2015

Picture Dat

Picture me walking around with a sign. I’m called “black.” I’m considered a criminal suspect or a stereotype. If you are ‘white” please hug me so my illusion of your superiority is validated and I can continue to delude myself into believing all is well despite the core culture. I will sacrifice my personal space, body and dignity to facilitate expression of your symbolic no-cost liberalism while I go back home catching hell.

Picture me instead passing condiments to the person who deigned to even propose me doing something like that, having encouraged them to EAT the sign.



I Ain’t Here Fo’ Dat

I reject several elements of Kingism, but the one I detest the most is the idea that oppressed people have some special appointed divine task to sacrifice their lives and dignity in order for those who oppress them to be educated about or attain the fullness of their own humanity. While the collective struggle of the masses may in fact, in some cases and for some elites BE educative in that way, one must never forget that that is NOT its purpose for being. Its purpose for being is to liberate the people and to make collective self-determination possible. If your movement does nothing but teach some of slavemasters’ how to rule more humanely while failing to actually uplift your own, it is counterrevolutionary and a fraud.