On Gandhi

The answer is yes. Gandhi spoke in favor of British colonialism, casteism, and white supremacy while promoting Indian liberation. At best he was a hypocrite, neither the first nor the last among activists to be true but certainly no role model for Afrikan liberation.

The issue is that he is romanticized, yet there are hundreds of other Afrikan philosophers, rulers, and activists who advocated similar philosophies. The rub he is not personally responsible for is the lionizing of his own image which like that of the rapist, child molester, and slaver Thomas Jefferson misleads oppressed people into thinking many of their own oppressors, liberators. Its the same Eurocentric revisionist historicism that turns murderers and thieves of the colonial US west into frontier pioneer heroes or the beast Cecil Rhodes into someone worth naming a prestigous scholarship after.

Gandhi is disposable for me because I don’t need him for liberation theorizing, knowing the depth and breadth of Afrikan history. The reason we glorify many figures is out of ignorance about them AND ignorance about others in our own traditions and histories that may have inspired and/or transcended them. The idea that Gandhi evented nonviolent resistance against colonialism is rubbish and the notion of democracy coexistent with cultural and racist casteism is as idiotic as the notion of democracy and slavery tried in the US.

“Schooling” is Not “Education”

Eurocentric education does not end prejudiced ideological thinking. It often exacerbates it, regardless of discipline. This is because of its false concept of objectivity. That concept encourages you to externalize knowledge and frees you of an obligation to actuate it. Thus I could in this system be an “expert” on poverty and live a life totally insensitive to the plight of the poor. Some of the worst racists, sexists, and other undesirables are highly “educated.” Carter Woodson and Dr. Clarke warned us about confusing Eurocentric scholarly credentialling with real culturally relevant education. How many of our scholars, so called, actually have the desire and ability to build any real Africa-centered institutions for the people? Some, too many, have a revolution that cannot be televised, but is being posted and while that gives them status , it’s useless for our progress collectively. Expecting much in the way of ideological foresight from such people is unrealistic.

Someone asked me once what I thought of the “luminaries” in our field. I said the West is busy Dyson us to pieces and closing Gates around us, saying Asante sana to our kujichagulia. I haven’t moved from that critique. Black studies will always reflect the people and when the people are held in thrall by oppressive ideologies, so the discipline will be similarly mired. A liberatory Black Studies MUST build for the liberation of the people. Any other agenda is a traitorous scamming built on the backs of their oppressed cognitive, spiritual, and social condition.

God is Neither Bigot Nor Terrorist

God is not to blame but Eurocentrism is. Almost all of the modern constructs of sexuality are European and not Afrikan or indigenous in origin and so are the ideas which constructs the world into an endless set of antagonistic oppositions. It is religion under the influence of Eurocentrism which promotes bigotry not God and so as much as I love God, i have never been homophobic and an implication that one must hate others or discriminate to serve or love God is evidence of an immature faith in which God is conformed to the world rather than the inverse. Same for fear. The mature believer does not serve God out of fear and that is a Western mistranslation in the text. Where they say fear, it generally means august respect and reverence. God is neither a bigot nor a terrorist but man can be and then manipulates texts and institutions to justify being both.

On Expanding State “Marriage”

Today the Supreme Court acted to ensure that all US citizens had equal rights  As long as the state attached citizenship benefits to marriage, it was inevitable that the court would HAVE to ultimately rule so and those who believe in fundamental fairness have to applaud. My lament as a believer though is that marriage, which for me was always a divine rather than human or secular institution, ever became defined and dependent upon the state, ANY marriage, heterosexual or otherwise. My view is that the state should only HAVE civil unions for state purposes. Had that been the case, gay and lesbian couples would never have had to fight so long and religious believers would not have needed to involve themselves and be portrayed as being prejudiced merely for BEING believers. Yet, despite my theoretical issues with the methodology here, I celebrate this victory for extension of citizenship rights to all who are entitled to them. I have always opposed any form of state and public prejudice and discrimination on any basis, sexual minority status included.

Racism clarified

Racism from a sociological standpoint is discrimination against a group or member of a group defined “racially,” that is defined by real or imagined physical and/or genetic characteristics. Since all individuals and groups have social power, all have at least the potential to be racist.
Those who argue that racialized groups cannot themselves be racist are confusing racism, the general form, with white supremacy which is a particular form of racism involving the definition of “white” as a racial group and as superior to others.
This level of analysis fallacy would be akin to arguing that sharks define the general class of “fish” or “creatures of the sea.”
Prejudice and racism are different. Prejudice is a negative attitude or feeling towards an individual or group and may be based on racism or a myriad of other social variables like nationality, citizenship, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc.

God’s Power to Convert Evil to Good

Feeling hurt and pain from the action of those who have hurt you does not mean you are somehow irrevocably “damaged” and unable to transcend and reach your God given destiny. That you can feel that hurt and pain does not mean you are damaged. Just that you are human and alive and that you now have a powerful personal testimony of endurance THROUGH and BY faith to share and to remind you of God having carried you through that dark past and of His plans for you, to give you an eternal and victorious future in spite of it.
It is your effort DESPITE fatigue and pain that shows your God-given character and fortitude. It will make you a LIVING testimony and an inspiration to others, that THEY might persevere to claim the prize.
We are often tricked by the unholy one to cognitively juxtapose pain and life, particularly when we have suffered much, but those are not synonyms. There may be much pain in material life but life itself is a gift from God. I pray that all would ultimately surrender to life, which is faith in Him and the gift of grace that comes with it. But that none likewise surrender to pain, for faith is a choice AGAINST the victory of life’s pains over us.
For those who believe in Christ, every trough is just the price of being prepared for a mountainous crest of blessed success.
You should not try to talk YOURSELF out of thinking negative about life and as a result of past pain. Instead, use GOD’S WORD to do it for you. As the evil one tries to remind you of your past, remind him that that is all he has. Remind him that he is already defeated. Remind him that you are the only one talking who has a future, and that regardless of the limitations in your past, the potential of your future is limitless. Which so much “good news” (gospel) to contend with, the evil one will go find someone ELSE to try to devour.

The Fall To Earth

     Happy to talk, work, and meet with any people committed to the cause so we can connect. The only caveat is that I have to stay strategically away from space cadetry, all those little marginal ideological perspectives which try to convert Afrikans in the real world into mystical gods, extraterrestrials, ancient moors or egyptians or other buffalo bill sh** claiming that’s truth and consciousness and which have little or no useful tactical import for the peoples global reality. I say all liberatory theory is existentially great UNTIL it encounters truth and praxis which it must if it is to be truly liberatory. Lots of folks in the movement are into that stuff. So I always tell people if it ain’t about real world, now, here, empirical reality count me out. I don’t and I think WE don’t currently have the time to waste. For me Afrospace cadetry is the Eurocentric  “Black” equivalent of televangelism and its relationship with Afrikan reality and truth is roughly the same as between the latter and the real gospel of Christ. Exactly. Not much.

     And for the record I love every little lost Afrospace cadet who sincerely believes that claptrap because they were raised in it or psychologically manipulated by some Afrohucksters who took advantage of their sincere desire to struggle for the people and their ignorance of real research and study and the struggle and time and effort THAT requires to give them some simplistic reductionist us versus them shortcut conceptual world that a weak mind can feed on for sustenance. What a contrast with the wisdom of our ancestors with its complexity which required and requires a lifetime of study to grasp. Here’s one for free to maybe save a few. Metaphysics AINT spirituality nor an effective practical substitute so if someone, anyone coerces or has coerced you ideologically to trade the latter for the former or to treat them as synonyms, you have been played or played yourself for a fool.

Tired Feets

There is a certain Afrikan leader who is always leading marches to Washington. Malcolm X was one of many who said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I go one better, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results when you consistently actually get the same results is the definition of a slave mentality. Anyway, this certain leader is calling for another march to the same place to demand justice, just like the other 3 or 4. Okay, look I may not be famous or as noteworthy as this person, but here are some basic news flashes for the mentally awake. One, some of the poorest. most exploited and suffering Afrikan communities in the United States are actually in Washington, DC where the people don’t even have the full Eurocentric rights to engage in the voting scam. Going there, where they don’t even care about the rights of your people who are already there, expecting anything from them is cuckoo for coco puffs, no matter how much I might respect your leadership credentials otherwise. Second, Washington the capital of the Eurocentric plutocracy is run by interest agendas and sufficient capital to push the agendas by buying politicians or buying them off. We have neither the collective agenda nor the concentration and organization of our capital which means we will get ignored. A leader who does not truly have the organization of the people who marches is merely getting some exercise by taking a walk. A people who march with no effective leadership agenda or capital to support it are merely participating in a mass sporting event. Neither a mass sporting event nor a personal exercise regimen is a step to liberation, but more a step towards symbolism and the people cannot eat, wear, stay in, learn through, or be freed by symbolism. Clarke called this stuff “the parochial REHEARSAL of power.” Rehearsals are fine, but at some point we really do need to actually see the real dramaturgy of kujichagulia. Not “marching” no mo, my feets is ti’ed.

No Time For This

We as a people have reached that seriously deluded mindstate where we are more disturbed and inclined to debate and confront those who call out BS in our communities and leadership strategies and offer alternatives than to actually be upset BY the BS itself, by those who perpetrate and disseminate it, or to move in the direction of those alternatives. If your house is burning and you’re engulfed in smoke, debating the efficacy of either the fireman, the water hose, or the arson investigator seems to me at best foolish.

“White” Philanthropy

“White” philanthropy is little more than Eurocentric liberal bribery, supplanting Afrikan collective leadership, ujima, and economic development with external neocolonial agendas, systemic paid employee mouthpieces, and a rhetoric of victimology. Its results are increased dependence, co-opted and corrupted representation, and a loss in collective dignity, initiative, and self-esteem. It is the same be it in the form of “foreign aid,” “welfare payments,” or nonprofit foundations. If you give me money for a community project and I had no project before you gave me the money, I am an employee charged with starting a program for you in the community, not a social entrepreneur representing the community.