The “Drone” Principle

I keep having these conversations where people want to criticize various leaders, pastors, presidents, educators, pretty much anyone in charge of anything. They are accused of being ignorant, arrogant, insensitive, exploitive and so on. Okay, fine. Points taken. Now I go scripture. See in the scriptural tradition, there is this idea that the people get the kind of leadership that reflects THEM. The leader, whomever he or she is, rises up from the population. They’re generally NOT from another planet. The quality of their knowledge, spirituality, and character and so on therefore, is in some way reflective of a kind of average of those things among the people they administrate or represent or rule over. So the method for improving leadership is assessing critical flaws in yours and my “followship” and often that means what we give our allegiance and resources and support and worship to and under what circumstances we give it. If you fuss about the pastor and continue to give him or her your money, attend their services, and not say or do anything, you is the problem. If you fuss about your politicians and you still plan on voting, and usually for these same clowns, then I don’t know what to tell you. Systemic change comes from the bottom up and begins with YOU. If you ain’t changing yourself to get better and your actions are not, then don’t be surprised if the status quo obtains in the organizations and communities you are a part of. I’m channeling Malcolm here: ”the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results.”

Most people in groups that you are in, are like you in fundamental ways. That is part of what draws and keeps you together as a group. So if you are just sitting, you are probably surrounded by sitters and as you all sit you get sitting leadership. How could you expect something else? Anyone is not a sitter would not be attracted to your group because they look around and quickly figure out, they would be the only one moving. So if YOU stop shuffling, bowing, settling, compromising, and so on, you will find yourself drawn towards groups that don’t do that and that will build activist leadership. The response to wolves in sheep’s clothing is some sheep that dress in wolves clothing to let the wolf know “I wish you would.”


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