More on the Road to Nowhere

I have often said that being antireligious among Afrikans or pushing any kind of ideology like that, is like campaigning against water among fish. 90% of Afrikans are religious and the majority Christian and Muslim. That’s reality. They are not changing or going anywhere in the main. So either you learn how to work with them, among them, and to help them work together syncretically as we did in ancient times or you are a hypocrite and a fool in addition to being a fraud because continuing to push such an ideology in the face of that reality means you don’t really want unity and equality and self-determination but fascist domination such that everyone’s collective belief merely mirrors yours. You want CONTROL of the masses for yourself and your little crew, not their freedom to be who THEY choose to be. That separates the real revolutionaries from the would-be neocolonial masters of the present.


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