Enough of the Capitulation to Evil

I have ALWAYS attacked collective untruth and make no apologies for doing so. Things which are untruth CANNOT liberate an oppressed people. Because I love the people and want to see them free, I cannot, simply for advantageous ideological purposes or popularity(you LIKE ME, you really LIKE me) countenance things that are wrong and that I know to be. Some of us really value popularity and as a result we get these mannequin leaders who can only maintain their worshipped status by saying and doing nothing. To do so is to fail in one of the most critical responsibilities of an elder. We tolerate too much nonsense in the movement, walking on eggshells about things that we know are wrong. It’s a bit like the no snitching thing. I don’t like law enforcement in the Eurocentric world, but if I were to find out that a particular Afrikan was say beating women or molesting children or killing our people, am I supposed to remain silent and allow it to continue and actually believe that a morally acceptable and Afrikan revolutionary position? Nonsense. That is the teaching of Eurocentrism. If you don’t believe me, see what happens in Afrikan traditional societies if you get caught doing some of that. Afrikans FIGHT what is false, and prejudiced, and hurtful and wrong and have historically, which is why our liberation movements have inspired a world much like our classical civilizations and until more of us stand up again and are willing to pay the price to begin to do this among our ourselves as much as we are willing to point out the faults of others, we will be perpetually engulfed and made prisoner to what is wrong and false in our own social realms and in what we attempt to do. I know my words here are not “comfortable” but when an oppressed people become “comfortable” and seek what is easy and pleasant to the hearing in their oppression, they are forfeiting the power they have to escape it.

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