Accept YOURSELF and BE

What is so deeply wrong in the psychology of Afrikan people domestically and globally that invariably makes us desirous of “integrating” ourselves in the societies and communities of people who do not desire our presence and in some cases, actually take offensive if not deadly actions towards us to DEMONSTRATE their disregard and disdain on our behalf? I love everybody but if I run into some moral reprobate who says because of my ethnicity, or my skin color, or my religion they don’t want me around, I’m actually FINE with that. I don’t need them or their personal prejudices and bigotry to live and be blessed and in fact, I’ll do better NOT being around them. I actually have no desire to be. So you put a sign up and say no darkies allowed and guess what Imani is not going to boycott or protest or file a lawsuit. I’m going to go to a community restaurant, build one, or eat at home and feel good and sleep good and live life abundantly. I continue to lament these groups of “wandering” Afrikans who DO feel the desperate need to be accepted and housed by others and who endure all kinds of unnecessary hell to do so. If you down with Imani the Afrikan and Christian, great! If not, love you anyway, I will keep it moving because it was moving without you to begin with, having been put in motion by God and the ancestors, and will continue to move. The deepest aspect of enslavement was and is the idea that the Afrikan has to be “accepted” by someone or something else to exist, persist, and subsist. News flash. Afrikans were around and had civilization and survived before Western civilization existed at ALL. So we is all “Ight.” Do not feel that you have to denigrate and disrespect yourself or deny who you are culturally and socially to get anyone to accept you or that that is even the point of your human existence. If you do, the “they’ you are prostrating yourself before are not accepting you as an equal, but TOLERATING you as a charity case or token.


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