Reflections on Hypocrisy: Duplicity of the International Eurocentric Community when it comes to the Zionist state

The treatment of Ethiopic Jews within and by the Zionist state has been deplorable from day one. Initially, they were excluded from the “Jews back to Israel” campaigns as if they were not legitimate. Then, they were systematically denied citizenship or put through unbelievable hurdles to get what was supposed to be automatic. African-American Jews who emigrated back to Israel went through similar experiences. Then they were systematically ghettoized residentially and discriminated against and ignored when they complained. This is one of the great human rights issues for anyone who really stands for any, but we have learned that in the Eurocentric world there is no violation of human rights, as far as I have yet to tell, sufficient to be inflicted by the Zionist regime that would be called or reinforced and there is no international agreement that they seem bound to have to follow, whether it concerns the second class citizenship of the Palestinians and the illegal expropriation of their lands or the possession of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction in an area where other states get punished for even being rumored to have weapons, or the support of the illegal and ungodly apartheid regime in South Africa. They just seem to be beyond reproach and when you go down that road someone comes up with the ridiculous argument that you either do not like Jews or Jewish people or Judaism or that you don’t endorse scripture. I endorse and support all three which is why I cannot and will not endorse this Zionist regime. I STILL pray and look forward to the day promised in prophecy when this experiment of Eurocentric Zionism is replaced by the real Israel of all of God’s people, be they Arab or Jew or Christian. I say so openly, always have , and am a virulent enemy of anti-Semitism and for that matter violence in general and particularly against civilians Israeli OR Palestinian.

Unlike many in their ignorance or lack of moral and ethical courage, as neither a scholar of the scripture nor of history, have I confused Biblical divine Zionism with British colonialism, Eurocentric Zionist nationalism, and religious and ethnic segregationism. Nazism and the attempt to slaughter the entire European Jewish population as well as the inhuman pogroms inflicted on European Jewish residents by various regimes in present day Russia and in other locales throughout history are to be condemned unto hell, but in no way and no time does that justify the ideology of political Zionism, nor the actions of the 1948 state which are to be judged according to the moral and ethical standards we would seek to impose on all humane states of mankind. Thus far the international community has miserably failed in that responsibility.

Worse, there has been created a complete duplicity and embarrassingly transparent double standard in which Israel’s actions are ignored or gingerly referenced in oblique ways, while other states in the world and the region are invaded, attacked, and their people slaughtered for similar or even lesser offenses. I am NOT calling for similar conduct with respect to the state of Israel since I believe the latter actions to be morally reprobate, but I am calling for an end to the outright hypocrisy, the kind of international and particularly Western, hypocrisy on the question that is analogous to the hypocrisy noted by Frederick Douglass in his famous fourth of July speech where he juxtaposed US claims of democracy and justice and independence with the reality of slavery.

But one example among thousands. Zimbabwe’s economy was almost obliterated by the Western world and its sanctions because of the state’s violation of international law (according to the West) in expropriating the resources of the colonial and neocolonial elites for redistribution to the masses. What has been the reaction to Israel’s illegal settlements, which inevitably expand at the precise time the Zionist state is supposedly negotiating for that land to be used in a new Palestinian political entity? On top of it, when the Palestinians refuse to negotiate on those kinds of nonsensical terms, the same “global community of conscience” and the Zionist state condemns THEIR recalcitrance (when it is Israel that has consistently violated the terms of UN agreements concerning those lands)! And by the way for the record, since dumb people play a game on this, I am not one-sided or AT ALL in league with those who want to “destroy” the Israeli state. I believe the Israeli state, as long as it is willing to abide by the standards of the community of nations, imposed upon its neighbors and the rest of the globe, has a right to exist. In the Middle East as in Africa and so many places, Eurocentric colonialism created a new reality. We cannot simply magically turn back time. But we can create a fair and just framework involving extending equal rights and consideration to all who live in the region, regardless of religion, ethnicity, and nationality and I honestly believe that the TRUE God of Judaism which the Ethiopians knew before the Europeans had a Europe, much less a Judaism, would want such a society and civilization. I am still doing truth, no matter where the chips fall.

And each time, the Zionist regime gets caught engaging in sterilization, assassination, spying or whatever, they always pretend like its something they didn’t know. Gosh, you mean we supported apartheid? Hmmm so our agents were spying on the US? Wow, we had no idea that we were sterilizing people. When Obama said that he “didn’t know” about the global spying that US has been doing on its allies and foreign leaders, the UN dismissed the statements as propaganda and actually drafted an international agreement calling on the US primarily to cease and desist. If tradition holds, nobody is going to say anything about the Israeli state sterilization of Ethiopic Jews. I wonder this though, if some horrible human being decided that he or she was going to go around sterilizing European Jewish people, couldn’t we agree that that person should be jailed or otherwise punished? If we are just then we should be just as vocal and committed to punishment for all those responsible for this. Otherwise, we have claimed a justice for some and not for all.


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