That OLD Volume

I tell people that along with various editions of scriptural texts and spiritual texts from around the world, there is also the Book of Imani. That was my “holy” text for the “old man.” I would like to say that when I came to Christ that that book and my propensity to pull it out for some “other” words for folk from time to time had magically disappeared. But I will not lie and the Lord knows the truth. He normally knocks me off the ladder which I need to get to the higher and higher shelves He has thankfully put it on, and where I cannot easily reach. Sometimes, I am on my way down and He stops me with, “Where you think you going with that”? Today, I managed to get it off the shelf and open and was just in the middle of preaching a gospel from the Book of Imani under the verse entitled “pissed off to the height of pisstivity” with full Technicolor and He goes “you know that reading from THAT word won’t solve the problem you’re having right?” Undaunted but slowed down a bit, I said “Well, true, but it would make me FEEL a whole lot better to read them just a few more of these special words”. He said “You are aware that I was listening to you read, right? I know ALL about that book and I thought you and I agreed it was no longer the book for YOU. Satan gives pleasure for a moment, but I have peace for a lifetime. ” “I understand Lord. I have already apologized to the person I was talking to for abusing their ears, please now YOU forgive me your servant for my transgression.” Imani, God’s work in progress. I share this because there might, and I say just MIGHT, be some more Christians who have that Book of Samuel (the non-scriptural one) or Leroy or maybe the Book of Sarah or Tamika and you find yourself looking for that more “aggressive reading material” in situations when you run into those special people and special situations. Admit it exists, the Lord will help you move it and then archive it and one day you’ll forget it’s there. In the meantime, if you find yourself looking for that OLD story, let Him be your reference librarian cause He can and will always lead you back to the source.

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