The Dwarfing of History Through Hyperbole: A Eurocentric Historiographical Tactic Exposed

One of the Eurocentric lies is the line “largest slave revolt in history” which, if you examine the literature, is pretty much attached to every single “slave” rebellion of any appreciable size and scope. This is a rhetorical and deceptive tactic. If a particular rebellion is the largest ever, you don’t need to seek out any others. It becomes the model, the representative for all the others and eventually cognitively subsumes the others, reducing them to one. Every “slave” rebellion I ever read about was the largest ever, along the lines of every major so-called “race riot” (as if “genes” riot or as if skin color was the actual sociological precipitating or motivating factor for the civil unrest). I think this is kind of a PT Barnum strategy. He learned that by getting a regular Afrikan elephant and calling it the world’s largest in EACH of his traveling shows, he could collect tons of cash and no one ever figured out the scam. Each bilked attendee had “bragging rights” to say they had seen the “biggest ever”, not knowing that none of these elephants was the “biggest ever” and that that wasn’t even the point. Barnum merely tapped into the Eurocentric desire for individualistic superiority over others, even if it was just in “seeing” something. So every Eurocentric reader who reads about slave narratives can conclude that they read about the most important one and can nicely omit the thousands of others which allows the myth of most slaves being “the help”..I mean “the butler”….I mean persist. If you actually read plantation narratives, many of the most militant, revolutionary slave thoughts and actions often emanated as in the 1811 rebellion and in the case of Nat Turner from the “slave” or “slaves” who appeared the most “broken,” the most docile, the most deferential. Eurocentric literature confuses intelligent military tactics with accommodation. This is why Booker T. Washington is mistakenly rendered as a “Uncle Tom” when his real plan was for Afrikans to not only become economically self-sufficient, but for them to be the major players in the US agrarian economy, controlling the levers of power and them having them dictate rather than beg for civil rights and recognition of their human rights. It was Du Bois perpetually begging to get in, not Washington, and Afrikans have been manipulated to worship those who sought to get them closer to the system of bondage than to freedom.

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