Too Many “Slavery” Bedtime Stories in Eurocentrism: Pardon My Interruption

Too many slave narratives are written as if “slaves” were collectively and generally docile and accepted their conditions, but those narratives are intentional. The reason they want to show people images like “the help” and “the butler” and such things and can only express rebellion as a fictional construction as in “Django” is that white supremacist Hollywood does not feel they can generate mass profit from anything except Afrikan passivity, submissiveness, and integrationism. I openly say that those I honor are slaves who fought back and died for the cause. If Euroamericans can honor Afrikans who died for no good reason for their struggle like Crispus Attucks, slavemasters like Thomas Jefferson, or genocidal figures like “Columbus,” then don’t bat an eye when I hit you back with the people that fought for my freedom from tyranny, people who said for my cause “give me liberty or give me death.


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