Materialistic Jealousy or Revolution?: There IS A Choice

The worship of money and materialism, rooted in Eurocentric thinking, coupled with the objectification of all human beings into material use values and “things” into mere instruments of gaining wealth and fame and power to the exclusion of spiritual development threatens all people, those oppressed, potentially more.

in Eurocentric society, those who have not historically possessed wealth and fame and fortune are especially vulnerable to deadly excesses . Having viewed those who have been the “haves”, they often no longer want “their own”, but in a vengeful and jealous way want to replace the materialistic decadence and spiritually ill-fated accumulation of their former oppressors with their own form of the same. You have only to look at the economic and elitist robber barons on the continent who wax in opulence while the masses starve, to know this is not a condition from which Afrikans by any means, are excluded.


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