“Race”, if it is a Question, Cannot Simultaneously Be the Answer

The US obsession with “race” has led to a total misunderstanding of scientific causality that makes people appear scientifically stupid. “RACE” IS NOT LEGITMATELY A DIRECT EXPLANATORY VARIABLE FOR SOCIOLOGICAL PHENOMENA. In the US, the Eurocentric educational system turns our prejudices, which are philosophical constructions we become ideologically committed to, into “realities” and then mis-educates us into trying to USE those made up realities as real sociological variables. It’s the equivalent of a sane adult ACTUALLY BELIEVING that Santa brought the Christmas gifts and other adults validating their belief (actually evidence of mental illness). So when it comes to “race” we are taught believe like racists do (!) that “race” is the ACTUAL reason for stuff. “Race” is a philosophical and psychological justification, a rationale, NOT the reason.


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