The Theory of the Snake Pit

The Eurocentric system as a whole is about gaining advantage over others in a mutually exclusive, competitive model of human relations (posited falsely as “natural” and “normal”) illegitimately for your own power. All of us are forced to play at some level as a consequence of European global colonialism, slavery, and neocolonialism. Some of us, albeit not enough, consciously try to work against it, while knowing it still effects us internally and externally. The most dangerous condition is NOT failure within the system or shortcoming, but acting as though your thoughts and actions are entirely immune to it. Thus getting bit by a snake as you fight for survival within the snake pit is not the greatest disaster. Pretending you are not IN a snake pit or denying it, while surrounded by deadly vipers, is far more threatening, for as long as you know it IS a snake pit you understand a measure of what is coming and what you must do in collaboration with others similarly trapped to survive and someday, overcome, that condition.


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