Afrika as “Source”

Afrikans are the source of all global religiosity as the father and mothers of civilization and were always believers and spiritualists. The Western bible themselves (the 2 major versions) are not their own sources but are anthologies of older Afrikan spiritual writings which predate Christianity as a modern organized human religious system so when it is asked what Afrikans believed in prior to Christianity or slavery or the Western biblical texts, the answer is many of the same values, because those values were there before the biblical texts and certainly thousands of years before Western enslavement. And while the general template of Afrikan belief involving a creator, deities or orisha or righteous spirits, corrupt spirits or demons , and a spiritual and flesh existence for humanity are present almost everywhere at the earliest stages of recorded history, the specifics vary and Afrikan belief was not and is not now monolithic. It is syncretic fusing many different religious and spiritual traditions together across cultures. The irony is that ancient Afrikan spiritual values with the centrality of the priest and priestess, the ritual of dance and worship, the notion of sacrifice and a Trinitarian kind of conception of the divine as creative, nurturing, and regenerative is at the core of Afrikan belief from beginning to the present day whether it is manifested within a Judaeo-Christian context or some other one.

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