Eurocentric Christian “Evangelism” Versus Personal Experience and Divine Intimacy

In Afrikan Christianity (not the Afrikan European forms, but the older ones of Libya, Ethiopia, Nuba and so on), it is believed that God through Christ speaks directly to the potential believer and that those who are saved are saved of their own personal conviction. I myself cannot save or convert anyone, only God can. What I CAN do and am charged TO do is to share my testimony of my experiences with Christ in my life and to tell you that should you seek Him, He will be present with YOU and develop that relationship with YOU. I cannot develop it FOR you and so that is why things go wrong when Eurocentric “Christians” go out trying to forcibly “convert” people. The Lord does not DEMAND or FORCE your acceptance of Him. To use the textual metaphor “Behold I stand at the door and KNOCK. If any man shall ALLOW or bid me come in, I shall come in and abide with him.” This relationship requires the extension of personally chosen invitation not some third party external “intervention.”

Conversion and conviction is God’s work. The Lord even says the disciples were given Him by the Father, not that they were converted by some institution. He fulfilled a need they had no awareness that they had. So really its kind of arrogance for me to come to you and say I demand you convert or take that tone. But what is important to remember is that that is not the teaching of Christ and I would urge you not to judge the Lord by all of those who claim Him for their outreach is only as good as their knowledge of scripture (sometimes rather weak) and the degree of their faith and dialogue with the spirit. I tell people do not follow, worship, or exalt me. I am nothing. But if you see any good in what I say or do, allow me to inform you that it is of my God who loves me and you as well, and who has made something of the nothing that is me. I invite you to seek Him and see if He will not prove Himself to you similarly. And for me that is where I stop.


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