I fight for truth and though some interpret THAT fight as attacking them personally, that’s not what it’s about and God Himself knows my purpose. I respect religion, but will attack falsehoods within and about it. I respect culture, but will attack evil and corruption within it. I respect language and speech, but will attack its corrupt use for denigration. I respect skin color, but I am not DEFINED by my skin nor its hue. I respect gender, but also value life, and the bringing of life into the world, which is part of the unique characteristics and dynamic interactions of men and women which, when brought together in proper order, creates replicable families and nations. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, but not their own facts and because falsehood cannot liberate, and my goal is freeing Afrikans as well as the rest of humanity from Eurocentrism, I cannot countenance falsehood even when to do so would make me more popular and others more comfortable.


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