It is a sentence Ab Ra Ka Dab Ra. Ab=heart/mind Ra=visible presence of God Ka=soul or character Dab=the verb “to be in the act of becoming” So its NOT just about speech and something more specific is being “created” It reads as the heart and mind (feeling and thoughts) of the human being manifest the actions and nature of godliness in the world, the character and spirit of that human moves towards and merges with the divine or God. Short form? “From man or men (and women) to God”.

This statement is actually about discipline and discipleship to God. I must humble myself to the actions and statements appropriate to a godly being and thereby I become acceptable to God and part of Him. So I don’t for example, lie. I may want to, it may gain me an advantage. If I do that becomes my character and my spirit manifests in a way that is other than God and eternal life is denied me. Conversely, if I subvert my will and do not lie despite temptation and continue to do so, ultimately I built faith and power over lying and lying is no longer part of my character. In fact, I am not even tempted. I have thereby become a more godly person and one more in the nature of the creator who made me. What I like about this is that in the Kemetian system “magic” does not just “happen”, this is a statement of affirmation. It is what I wish to happen, and it is what I pledge to work toward in thought and deed. Magic from the root magi means messianic presence and so we are ambassadors of the messianic presence of God on earth, representatives or delegates if you will, given the power and the obligation to be godlike that people would see God in us and thereby see and exude the God in themselves. Unfortunately, many want to be seen as with God or for God (the predicate of the sentence) without the subject (or subjection-humility) necessary to be godlike. They want “Western magic” where “it just happens” rather than Kemetian magic where you and I are the magicians as we treat others like divine spiritual human beings. I compare it to the scriptural passage “I must decrease, He must increase”. That the more I give up “selfhood” and selfishness, the more I am able give in charity and mercy and forgiveness and love and the more I become like the one who sent me and the ones who gave birth to me in the physical world. This is a lot UNLIKE the Western idea of MY will which is actually almost the polar opposite of this.


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