Limits of Textual Faith

All texts speak the voice of other texts. That neither validates them nor invalidates them, but simply means they must be interpreted. A true person of faith is not a person of the text. I do not believe like Eurocentrists do that text is the same as Word. “For the Word was made Flesh.” That is important because my own Christianity is not based on texts, but on the life of the One who came. The texts are useful, as is said for reproof and instruction. It is a collection of good and bad, and must be “rightly divided” by the divine spirit WITHIN a believer. The bible and any other document of spirit is useful to the person who has the spirit of God within them. It is useless to the one who does not or does not desire after Him, much as the ancient texts would also have been useless to those who did not have the spirit within. As Christ said the church is not a building, nor a collection of people, nor a denomination, nor even a specific theology, but the heart of the believers themselves. Texts will come and go, but faith, true faith will stand. In the last day the symbolic separation of goats from lambs is not made by a test of what book you have, what church you went to, who your pastor was, what denomination, how often did you go, but rather on whether you accepted the limitations of your flesh and sought after one who could raise you beyond them and lived a life worthy of that one.


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