Prejudice and the Door Slam

Prejudice precedes knowledge and then closes the door to it, arguing that there is nothing worth letting in.

If the folks who sit around ignorant, making up negative stuff about Christianity and Christians and religion and homosexuals and “black” folk and whatever else the thing or folks to be prejudiced against today might be, would spend just a fraction as much time trying to educate themselves, a great portion of global oppression and suffering might be upended. It’s a shame they choose to waste their miserable lives hating on their fellow human beings, mostly for BEING. Actually disliking people who are not doing anything to them but living and actually are not themselves thinking about them. And except for being a human being like them, and loving the work of God and the presence of the ancestral spirits evident in their lives, I’d like to think I have little or nothing beyond that in common with them and their small minds and diseased and starving spirits.


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