Can’t Truss It

I actually don’t think we as a people trust anyone, in fact I think trust, honesty and fidelity in general is a problem in this society since where there is no love, trust will not be found. What this society values is complacency and so anyone “white” or “black” that challenges the status quo is slow to be heard, listen to, or followed since that would involves a change in the normal mode of operation and sublimation of individual wills towards collective progress and common weal. The glorification of individualism is at the core of the damage done by Eurocentrism to all of humanity. This society as a whole tends towards an embracing of “operational mediocrity,” where you rhetorically say you want to avoid things getting worse but resist them changing so they might get better (not wanting to risk your status, power, or comfort), resulting in them getting worse, because there is no such thing as a “timeout” or “rest stop” on the road to human justice.


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