The Pitiable Sight of the Afrikan Desperately Seeking Eurocentric Assimilation

As Dr. Clarke said, we were taught a set of false ideologies about ourselves that caused us to have “a crisis of confidence in our own cultures.” As a result many of us, particularly those who have the educative and economic wherewithal seek to dissociate themselves from themselves. I don’t believe we have assimilated at all, which is the rub. Other groups from Europe could assimilate, having some general cultural affinities to the core culture. We were systematically excluded from the processes that would have allowed us to develop those affinities and so we cannot today assimilate. The melting pot was simply us being thrown into the fire. The sad thing is watching those negroes who try to assimilate to someone else’s cultures and realities rather than simply being who they are as a child of the Most High God.

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