Expansion Pack on “race” for the M.I.N.D. 2014

Eurocentrism is not just about “race” and thinking about it that way will get you played as it will use many other variables like gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, language, class, and a host of others to oppress humanity as well.

While an oppressive system of thought can and has been developed CONCERNING skin color, that thought system does not have ITS origins in skin color itself, but in a particular set of human philosophies.

One of the biggest problems we have is that when you start talking about Eurocentrism most Afrikans start with “race” and never get to Eurocentrism. “Race” becomes part of a kind of be all end all oppressive framework and I argue not only is it NOT that, but that there are actually some more important considerations we need to focus on beyond what skin color somebody has.

Having the same skin color as someone is useless if they are a Eurocentrist. Give such a person power over you and they will oppress you like they don’t. Afrikans should have learned this lesson by now, all TOO well. Having lighter skin no more automatically predisposes you to be a Eurocentrist than having darker skin automatically indemnifies you from or inoculates you AGAINST being one. It is when you THINK you or someone else is existentially immune that the infection is most virulent in your consciousness.

I am not a “race” theorist and I do not and have never believed in the existence of separate “races” of mankind. Such an idea is complete and utter rubbish and was invented by Eurocentrists to use as one rationale for justifying human oppression. I am not and have never been a “color,” nor am I defined by my skin, and the only difference in melanin among so-called “whites” and “blacks” is that in those closer to solar radiation the biological and anthropological adaptation was for melanin molecules to cluster closer to the skin to absorb and protect. Those in areas with less solar radiation did not need the clustering there, nor the same volume and so what melanin there WAS over generations, dispersed and was distributed elsewhere in body tissue. Really people. It’s time to dare to get past stupidity and ignorance. I know what your slavemasters educational system taught you and his own children, he lied to both. There ARE real social and cultural differences between people and civilizations, and we can discuss and debate those, but this “race” thing is a load of hooey because it tries to argue that genetics is the source and sole determinant variable of cultural and social environmental differences. Count me out on the common nonsense. There is social and cultural diversity among Afrikan people despite their similar physical appearances and the same is true for Europeans. It’s time to grow up and replace the mental and cognitive pampers with some “adult drawers.”


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