Can the “Weak” Stuff and Don’t Blame It On God: Be What You Were Made

Afrikans were never weak and a proper reading of the scripture NEVER says that the people of God must be weak. It says they must be humble and meek, but neither humble nor meek is weak and God says His people must be strong. It is Eurocentric theology which mis-taught us that to be godly is to be weak while others are strong and oppress. That is rubbish and any would-be theological leader who teaches that is either dishonest or ignorant. The people of God were not only not weak but had among the world’s greatest armies, fighting when it was necessary and being peaceful when it was possible, and when they rose up against the wicked to fight them, they defeated them. Stop bending over, bowing, and shuffling to some supposedly superior other human beings and calling it doing God’s work. Stand up for the people of God and the things God blesses them with, stand up for justice and righteousness and equality.

Stop making excuses for begging to get into someone’s else’s house, because you think your own inferior, and calling that spiritually required. God has nothing to do with it. A desperate slave mentality -induced desire to be accepted by man or a particular man has everything to do with it.

If you told me that the price for getting to go to school with ANY other particular group of human beings is that my son, whom I love and whom God Almighty charges me to protect, must be spit on and beat, among other things, I would tell you that that price is too high and I would take my son to his own school which I would help to build. There is a fundamental division between those Afrikans who want to be part of the oppressive system and those who want freedom. We are both courageous and willing to pay a price, but what we are willing to pay a price FOR is totally different. Tell me my son must suffer some problem to have the right to have his own school with a curriculum that empowers rather than denigrates him, or for any human being to do the same, and THEN for me the price is worth paying.

I never was an “integrationist” who believes that a peoples goal should be a conscious effort to get themselves, at any cost of blood and treasure into, marginalized within, and dependent upon the institutions of others. I am cool and love every human being that God made upon the earth. I can work with anyone who loves peace, justice, and equality. I simply reject the notion that to love them or to demonstrate my love, I must debase myself into begging them to be part of their civilization. Any partnership, worth the name, is a partnership of equals. I believe in collaboration, cooperation, and common ground, but those CANNOT be based on me perpetually trying to force my way in and someone else perpetually trying to keep me out. If you don’t want me in, I leave, fully confident that my people and my God can and will provide for me. It’s only Afrikans who do not believe and truly love themselves and the God in themselves and the power that God has given them to do for themselves that believe that successfully begging to get a closet in someone else’s house when one can build a house for themselves is “progress.” Seriously, can you imagine any group of people outside of Afrikans actually developing a social movement and being willing to die and do other things to beg to get into Afrikan schools, communities, and organizations WHILE not lifting a finger to defend their own? It’s a mental illness, I am the doctor, and I came to administer the cure to those who are ready to swallow a bitter pill and accept the diagnosis that “we’s SICK.”

I recognize that folks are not used to an Afrikan who is sincerely happy with who he is in God and in communion with his ancestors and not trying to be anyone else or to garner some status with other people. I want people in my sphere and my aura that love ME and respect me for who I AM. I am not changing my hair, my clothes, my neighborhood, my church, my religion, my language, my sexuality, my politics or anything else to try to beg for anyone’s respect. There is no human being in God’s sight greater than I or lesser. If I do change myself for others values and images, what I get is not respect or dignity but “tolerance” and tolerance on terms which I cannot sustain because if it is not truly ME that I am, then I am NOT. I give respect to all human beings, who command it by virtue of their character and the presence of the Lord in them. I require the same as the MINIMUM for my own human interactions. If you see me with “white” people or “black” people, in “white” spaces and institutions or “black” ones, NEVER tell yourself that I am in those places or with those people because I am insane enough to believe that my mere presence with EITHER of them determines my WORTH, because I know that I am a child of the Most High God and a descendant of a great lineage of people, their highs and their lows. I have no shame or lack of self-esteem that requires that I seek the validation of others or emulation of others or anything other than trying to become a better human being than I was yesterday. It’s a pathetic sickness to watch ANY human being donning caricatures of themselves, trying to appear physically, mentally, or spiritually like other than themselves, to garner favor from man or particular man, when recognition in God is what you should be seeking. I have been inoculated from the disease so many suffer, Afrikans included.

Be who you ARE. Those who love you in truth and in the way of God, will love you as you are. Those who will give you justice and be just with you in truth, will extend justice to you and righteousness in their relationship with you as you are. Those who will seek equality with you in truth, will extend equality to you as you are. If they will not extend it to you as a human being as you are..a human being, then they will not extend it and it is up to you to decide whether having those kinds of relationships are worth your precious, divine given spiritual energy and time. You and I were not placed here to be martyrs, one was martyred so we do not have to be.


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