Fake “White” Male Liberalism

I consistently find “white” male liberals in academia have this notion that their supposed liberalism and their work in the 60s means that “black” folks OWE them something, some deference.

If you join a movement for Afrikan people, or indigenous Americans, or Latinos, or oppressed religious or sexual minorities and you are not part of those groups, that’s great. But don’t act like you some kind of progressive superstar that folks actually IN those communities, living the hell every day, are supposed to look up to and honor. You’re just being humane, you don’t get an award for that.

White supremacy ideology says no matter what “whiteness” is superior in every way over that which is not. Combine white supremacy with ideological liberalism and you get a liberal who feels compelled to still be superior to you, only now in their liberalism. So I’m supposedly your ally but I have to be superior to you and you have to agree to assume the position of subordinate.

There is a “negro spiritual” that says I would rather die and be buried in my grave, than be a slave. For me acting like one, when I know I am not and am not meant to be or to act like one is the same as being one. So if you waiting for me to massage your imperialistic, neocolonial ego just because you are a “white” liberal, I would suggest you get a good shovel and start digging.


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