Just Get A Cat

I am deeply skeptical about “race relations” counseling and “diversity training” stuff (like police departments do) since I don’t think that is where our collective time and energy needs to be. “Race,” like gender, sexuality, religion, and other sociological variables, when used in oppressive social dynamics, is about socioeconomic power and redistribution and control of that power, and as such, will not be reformed by “feelgoodism” and psychobabble that tries to get into the “heads” of discriminators. I am less interested in what “others” THINK about me in race-based terms than what they choose to DO or NOT do empirically and the correct and intelligent response of a people to any threats THERE is in the development of communal alternatives to oppressive structures where those intents can be made manifest. If we built and financed our own private and/or private/public Africa-centered educational systems for the masses, we would not have to beg others in their systems for a proper education. I am NOT making an argument for segregation, as I think Euro-American children need non-Eurocentric education as much or MORE than do we and they would be more than welcome in the institutions I am envisioning. In fact, I suspect we would have to place a moratorium on their applications there since the number of Euro-American parents trying to get their children out of this current mess may be even greater. My argument is that you can either spend the rest of eternity trying to get a dog to meow, which while theoretically possible, is highly unlikely and extremely labor intensive for you and the dog, OR you can just get a cat.


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