The “Afrikan” Mentality

“Afrikans,” for me, are those who knew, or know now, or come to know about Afrikan history and culture outside of the Eurocentric narrative and who seek to live and promote life accordingly. When they do that, they are never again “minorities” and do not countenance any form of discourse where they are perceived as less than human or as inherently flawed or inferior. They seek AS Afrikans to build among themselves and where possible, in collaboration with others, for collective and global human progress. They identify AS Afrikans and seek to manifest their religions, spiritualties, cultures, languages, ideas, and expressions in a way that venerates and honors Afrikaneity while respecting the right of other people to honor and venerate their own cultures. They build with each other economically, politically, and socially and seek the positives in doing so rather than the negatives.


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