What U Gone Do Now?

I believe the Afrikan destiny is what we do or do not do for ourselves. I believe that has always been the case and still is. The most dangerous teaching we ever accepted was that our destiny was in the hands of others and that the responsibility for addressing it should rest with others. I am focused on us and what we do, not on what others say and do. I recognize the power of others and use diplomacy and other implements to contend with that, as we always have, but I believe ultimately our fate is in our hands. That’s what makes me fundamentally different than most of us, who get really occupied with the system. This year, Afrikan people in the US alone will possess close to $2 trillion. Our economic fortunes in my mind, depend on what WE do with that money. Do we invest, do we build for ourselves, or do we spend it and more than that entirely with others? All economic discrimination aside. My argument is that if we do the RIGHT things with that $2 trillion, we do not have to care what happens with government shutdowns, welfare, etc.. But, if we do the wrong things, individually and collectively, we will HAVE to be concerned with all of that and the affairs of others towards us. It is a choice. And a fateful one, that all people have to make.


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