It AIn’t My Fault

This is a public service announcement. It is NOT the responsibility of socially oppressed and disadvantaged people to solve the problems of the institutions and persons those who oppress and disadvantage them. Thus it is NOT MY responsibility to solve someone else’s or some institution’s “race” or ethnocentrism problem. I do not exist and was not born for that purpose. I don’t personally have one, so it’s for THEM to work on that. It is not for women to spend their entire lives solving male patriarchy and the sexism problem in persons and institutions and so on. Too often the “diversity” committee at and in institutions is the “diverse” people. The multicultural committee is the “multicultural” people. Not only are you “preaching to the choir” but often the choir is doing the preaching as well, all for a congregation that is absent in body and mind but who really are the ones who can benefit from and who need to hear the word of salvation. And even worse, when no institutional progress is made, the same people that suffer the oppression and disadvantage are cited by the elites who really control things as having not done enough. Those who suffer are attributed the blame for the impediments laid at their feet.


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