The “Track Meet”

If my poverty or my skin color or my gender or my religion or whatever gives me “inferior shoes” in the social race and because of those inferior shoes, I do not perform well as other humans at the global or domestic “track meet”, I do not respond as those advocates for changes in either the rules of the meet or the nature of the tracks or any other thing that would presume my continuing to run WITH inferior shoes. Rather, I would insist upon social, economic, and political work and institutionalization that would allow me the wherewithal to purchase better shoes and to race at the same meet as all other runners on the same track with the same rules with complete confidence that when I match their shoes, I will already have matched their training. Those who get alterations to the track and the rules of the race will never be respected as true stars of the sport, even if they are able to garner some victories. I dare Eurocentrism to give me the same shoes that you have for yourself and see if you can beat me on YOUR track OR mine.

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