The “Greek” Thing Needs to End: Yes, I DID say that out loud.

The real problem is Afrikans pretending to be ancient Greeks because Europeans pretended to be ancient Greeks and then standing round wondering why the violent, sexist, dysfunctional behavior inherent in ancient Greek elite society seems to be prevalent among those that go off on this cultural self-destruction path. Afrikans need to be in Afrikan themed and principled organizations, but the logic of integrationism has always been for Afrikans to perpetually imitate others (as if they have no models of their own). Imitate the devil’s behavior, institutions, and rituals and you will find yourself giving a pretty good performance of the role of demon.

Hazing is connected to pretending to be an ancient elite Greek and doing those rituals, which is why we should raise a generation of our children who are focused on being who they ARE, Afrikans rather than trying to socialize them for an alien culture from another time that actually INVADED and enslaved Afrikans and based on stuff like this..STILL does at least mentally and conceptually. This hazing thing is not new or recent and this abuse, which allegedly makes you more of a man or woman (clearly not an Afrikan idea but from those who abused us) will continue as long as we are more focused on being fictitious ancient Greeks than focused on being REAL Afrikans.

As soon as someone shows me a bunch of modern Greeks or any Europeans wearing Adinkra symbols, giving themselves Afrikan names, and trying to be Afrikan while risking life and limb to do so and devoting themselves to that for life, I’ll be happy to back off my critique. While other folk glorify their cultures, we glorify theirs and actually feel a special nobility in doing it. The majority of the Greek organizations in colleges were started by and in the Confederacy since they felt beholden to the link between fake “democracy” and slavery. Step in an outhouse, my elders used to say, and you are extremely likely to encounter some….

Every so-called Afrikan “Greek” or Mason or any of that other confusion needs to read James Brunson’s book and really consider why they choose to imitate imitators and worse, imitate imitators who did not even understand what they were imitating and why.

Afrikans wanted to be a part of the secret societies of the Europeans and were of course denied due to segregation, so they developed their own versions. I know all of the official histories of the “elite” 8, but very simply if there had been no “white” “Greeks”, there would have been no “black” ones. These bogus Eurocentric secret orders and societies which were mediocre, pathetic copies of our own spiritual secret societies in Afrika, adapted into Greece and brought into Europe by way of Roman imperialism.


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