The Perils of Failing to Critically Assess “Tradition”

We join and do things on the basis of “tradition” and what we THINK we know. Then having done so, we use the fact that we have joined and did so not knowing as an excuse for perpetually justifying what we have done and continuing to do it. The net result is we keep doing the same things and wondering why we get the same results.

Not all “tradition” is good or wise and being too stuck in tradition means you cannot customize strategy and tactics for the contemporary context and that is assisted collective suicide, no matter how slow the final death is to come about. Tradition should be considered and expected as a series of respected stepping stones on the path forward not as a minefield of obstacles and impediments that keep you in the past.

Tradition needs to be deconstructed so that social action becomes the object of conscientious and relevant collective or individual choices rather than doing just because its always been done.


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