The Vehicle of Choice

People ask me why I choose love and faith as vehicles for my struggle rather than “hate” or prejudice or atheism. The latter items are neither creative nor transformative in terms of the human spirit, the desire for common ground and collective action, or mutual survivability AS radical social change takes place. They might perhaps be useful in terms of propaganda for conflict, but as mankind has learned or should have over and over, those are not the substance of making and maintaining peace and justice in the absence of or after the cessation of conflict. They therefore prepare you for and orient you towards perpetual conflict and remove you from all potential for ultimate victory. In contrast. love and faith are about creating the structures of peace and justice before conflict, that conflict if it MUST come, be lessened and managed and not destroy the very object of civilization over which we contest and that peace and justice themselves be capable of being institutionalized once conflict has ended. It is because of the love, truth, peace, and justice I have in God that I CAN persist and subsist in the struggle for these despite all odds and enemies. It is because of that same love, truth, peace and justice and my experience of it in God that I know it to be of value for all human beings and therefore am motivated to seek it on their behalf whatever the cost. I have never hated ANY human being. Like most I have disliked many and many have disliked and do dislike me. Yet, the deepest lament of my soul is that I could not, because of the existence of prejudice and hate and mistrust and envy and greed and war and other such sinful things engage to love humanity as I wish and to be loved as I wished. I therefore struggle as one who loves, for a world where love is possible, as one who seeks truth, for a world where truth resounds, and as one who seeks justice, for a world where there is justice. I am therefore dutifully charged with the challenge and the often daunting responsibility for striving against all odds (sometimes failing but flailing still towards the prize) to be the embodiment of that which I desire to come into being, that those who see and hear might do likewise and that we might collectively hasten the day for us all that these things be manifested.


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