Right to Your Opinion, NOT to your “Facts”

Many people call their personal opinions, “facts” and so when you point out the facts they interpret it as disagreement with and disrespect for their opinions and as some insult on them. I don’t care per se what opinions people have, but when it comes to social facts, there are some real answers and often that reality goes against what people WANT to believe or have been TAUGHT to believe and these things are at the core of their identity. If you love them, you will be truthful regardless. One would hope that they would not be hurt by the truth or see that as an insult, but unfortunately in Eurocentrism they often do. Then you have a choice to make, to countenance their lies and ignorance or to tell the truth and run the risk of them getting mad. I always choose the latter, because even if they never interact with me again, the truth always has the capacity to lead to their spiritual and cognitive freedom, if not now, maybe later when they can accept. But if I lie and appeal to their comfort zone, they don’t get better or wiser and they really never know me but only the illusion of me they saw which I presented to try to get along. I have lots of friends with prejudiced opinions. I am still their friend, but many choose not to be near me because I do not tolerate the ignorance and false information they present as a basis for their prejudice. Wanting to remain prejudiced in SPITE of the ability not to be and access to information that would encourage one in that direction, they steer clear. That is actually a good thing for them AND me because it prevents my own energies from being sucked into that negativity.


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