The Template

Individual political policies will come and go but the essential template of Eurocentrism is impervious to presidencies because presidents don’t run it.

The belief that changes in the personalities of individual politicians or choices between the two plutocratic appointed elite parties make a real substantive difference in the fundamental nature of Eurocentrism is its greatest mentally incarcerating and spiritually deprivating deception for it confuses real political activism towards change and revolution with legitimating the oppression and encouraging the oppressed to join in. Formal politics in Eurocentrism is equivalent to being Socrates in Ancient Greece, who by the way was not “officially” given the death penalty by the state or murdered, he was “invited” to drink hemlock. Here, oppressed people drink and while you can see the slow effects of advancing death on their faces, they actually think themselves wiser than you for drinking. I am just a person who reads and can clearly see the Skull and Bones on the label.


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