A Poem inspired by the words and spirit of Sister Lula Avila


My Sister(s). Whom I (We) Betrayed: A Poem Written By One Man, Still Crazy Enough To Believe in Romance, in Passion, in Love

Your words are true, we are the only ones for each other
And I have not always been that one you dreamed of, that perfect mate
Neither you for me
Yet, in our imperfection, we form the perfection
It was our eyes that strayed. We lost the view of one another.
We contracted a blindness the stripped us of the ability to see more than one dimension of ourselves.
I was the breadwinner, the provider the vehicle for economic wherewithal. And when I failed there I had no value.
You were the shining jewel, the sexual bond, the amorous muse but as the grass became greener and physical beauty a function of the skin trade, that vision too went awry
And so we stood as mutual failures in one another sight and we separated
Not because we did not love or because we did not know we were the only fulfillment of one another
But because we both felt ourselves inadequate in a world that demanded so much and then more
When all we had was all we had and when we forgot that it was because of “we” that we had it
So I went my way without leaving and so did you
We were together apart and apart together, inside and out
I still believe in love. I know its is somewhere out there, but first I had to discover it in here
And I hope you see it in your own mirror
And when he have found that first relationship of unconditional love that He gives
Then we can rediscover each other
Let’s make a great adventure. Turn out the lights of the worldly gaze and feel around in the darkness of the spirit for each other’s heartbeat
And when we find them, may we find them in sync with each other
Hold my hand, let’s be friends, for friends are the only ones who can become lovers in time
Tell me what brings joy to your heart and I will share the same
And let’s do and say and go and work towards those things and commit to never again being too tired or worn
And if again our eyes stray, let us this time remember that whatever is without and however it appears, it is not ours
For you are mine, and I am yours

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