A Definition of Love

A Definition of Love: “A” not necessarily “The”

My definition of love is rooted in the unconditional love that is the foundation of the relationship between the believer and God. In such a relationship, the fulfillment of the desires of the heart and the bringing of joy to the “Other” is the fulfillment of one’s own desires and the source of one’s own joy. Thus, I out of love for God, I seek to do the things that are pleasing to Him. Similarly, God says He knows and seeks in His plan and by His will to bring you joy and happiness and good things of blessings out of His love. So human relationships of love should be similar where I desire most the joy and happiness and spiritual growth of the one who is my soul mate and she the same for me. If it begins with me focusing on purely my own lust or desire or need, then I will exploit that relationship. If we both begin there, we will do damage to each other rather than be helpmates to one another. Mutually dependent rather than interdependent.


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