Spiritual Vampires

Reapa Lexicon: Spiritual Vampires

People who do not have a spiritual center. They are empty of spirit or mind or body and rather than seeking completion first, they enter into relationships with others, particularly those that are trusting and giving. They absorb all of that trust and love, but since they lack a center, it is as a bottomless pit and those that try to engage them find themselves weakened and sometimes almost unable afterwards to give and trust again. They are like vampires because until they are healed within themselves they can only live vicariously by draining and exploiting others and/or making others like themselves.

Eurocentric churches are full of people who claim to be followers of Jesus or Christians who are sometimes the WORST of these spiritual vampires. Particularly because when those people drain you, they say they are doing so in God’s name and for your own good. Simply being religious does not make you immune to this condition. Having a true relationship with God can, but those two things are not interchangeable.


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