Revolutionary Stupidness

There is no such thing as revolutionary AND gangster because a TRUE gangsta is not a revolutionary and a TRUE revolutionary is not a gangster. A gangster is someone who breaks law, and potentially hurts his or her community and anyone else, for self interests. A revolutionary is one who complies with the law of the universe and acts for the people, and who begins by sacrificing his or her self-interest for them. It’s time to replace all these two-bit fake gangsters living on borrowed time with revolutionary soldiers and correction of errancy is a vital part of the conversion and transformation plan.

I reject any notion from anyone that there is any REVOLUTIONARY aspect AT ALL to failing to identify wrongs, if you know them to be and speaking to them to correct and educate and uplift. It is our excessive tolerance for nonsense under this cover of blind “unity”, with those who have no interest in community advancement or who are in fact, undermining it for individualistic money and fame and fortune or the wealth of others outside the people, that has led us partially to this place along with the moribund leadership that countenances all this via apathy and calls it revolutionary.

We are all flawed, it is a consequence of the 400 plus years of physical and psychological trauma, economic and social deprivation, and cultural denigration. But we SHALL not and CANNOT use that historical reality as a perpetual implicit rationale for not criticizing what’s wrong, fixing it, and doing better as we know better and insisting that those among our people who have resources and education and other gifts do likewise.

The Devil is sometimes US, because the Devil is not a skin color or a group of people but a spirit of death and corruption and ignorance and poverty and that spirit occupies or possesses whomever and whatever contributes to the demise of humanity, both in physical form and in spiritual wellbeing. We need to grow up and get past this little boneheaded Eurocentric comprehension of evil as associated with any singular group and color fixation and see the Devil writ large for what he is. You cannot fight effectively what you do not understand or which you misunderstand. As long as we think that the only devil we have to fight is the alleged ones outside, the ones inside will destroy us and make quick and efficient work of it.

Dr. Clarke said that if we ever got rid of the little colonizers in our own minds and actions, we would not have to worry about the ones outside for it is the ones inside that open the door for the ones outside.

King said if a man is on your back, what you need to contemplate is not him, but when and why YOU bent over. I can rail all day on the man on my back, but the truth is, unless I am physically wounded beyond repair, I CAN get up and when I do he WILL fall to the ground and if I never bend over again, he will not have a ride. But if I allow my people to remain bent and say nothing, calling the bent over state, in analytical error, what they MUST do as a function of the riding itself, then I am in effect proposing that they keep giving rides as beasts of burden. NEVER. And until we have some leaders that stop whining when we raise critiques of foolishness and who get busy dealing with it, we will keep watching the people suffer and die and whining after the fact.

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