The “Wonderment” in Christ’ Love

The “Wonder” of Christ refers to His capability and propensity for going beyond the mundane, beyond the expectation, beyond the common, to the eternal and the transcendent. The greatest wonder being that this child raised of a carpenter’s house, born in the humblest of surroundings with no formal education of record, no fortune of His time to spend, not of royal human parentage, with but 12 untrained assistants to a ministry that was in a very short radius out from the place of His birth for a relatively miniscule amount of time would have such a profound effect, that a world thousands of years removed from His ministry and His birth would take notice of Him in palace and in humble places not unlike where He began. I have often said that this wonderment leaves us with two possibilities. One, that there has been an amazing set of accidental coincidences of fate. Two, that He may be who He and others who touched or experienced Him in the flesh said He was. As a believer, I tend towards BOTH conclusions. What a WONDER it is, for which I will EVER be grateful, that I by coincidence of fate, met the only one who could save me when I happened to be most in need of saving and who asked no price of me, though I would certainly have given all, but to promise to tell someone else and anyone else I met, who might need love, or mercy, or kindness, or healing of their own, that I HAD met Him, that He HAD healed me, and that He would, if they were to entreat Him of their own hearts, do the same or even more for them, out of the same love.


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