Shattering Convention

Okay it’s time to PLAY Five Minutes of Foolishness. Where the REV DOC takes about 5 minutes, usually less, to reveal some complete nonsense currently passing around Afrikan people as wisdom. So we got this whole homosexuality debate, which we inherited from our slavemasters philosophical system [the debate, not the sexualities which have been there since ancient times among humans], and you basically got the Eurocentric “nature” versus “nature” crews (that’s false because most human phenomena show both elements as a result of evolution). Today I was reading this thing about homosexuality allegedly coming from the “environment”. Now I could get with this using history, anthropology, sociology, and biology, but the people who push prejudice tend to also reject science IF it doesn’t agree with their prejudices. All of the science on “race” is useless, for example, to those who want to believe in that fantasy. Same thing here. So let’s take the environmental argument at face value. Not that I personally believe it. Let’s say homosexuality developed as a human adaptation to some environmental context and inputs. So did urbanization. There is nothing inherent in the nature of the human being that compels urbanization but there were needs and objectives of society in the environment that did and still do, leading to higher levels of urbanization globally. Would we argue that because urbanization is not “natural” in that sense that humans who participate in that activity should be the victims of prejudice by those who don’t live in urban areas? Discriminated against, killed, jailed, denied jobs, victimized by slurs? Point blank. Does saying that a characteristic developed among humans as an environmental adaptation itself justify discrimination and prejudice against another group of people? No. We have thousands of human adaptations that are environmental and often a combination of environment and biology (skin color is both), but intelligent, moral people don’t use the fact that something may or may not be an environmental adaption as a rationale for prejudice and discrimination. If humans adapt and evolve, which they do, that does not make them less human and does not change the moral standards by which our conduct towards them is to be judged. Nor does Christ make that distinction, for those that may be Christian. I can’t figure out if people who push this are really this illogical or if they are counting on everyone else not being smart enough to figure this out. I say if you are a prejudiced person, be a TRUE Klansman or Nazi or whatever. Don’t make up idiotic, illogical, and nonsensical justifications. Don’t blame God or your cultural ethnocentrism. Just say I am and I choose to be a prejudiced person who believes that some humans are inferior to others.

I am servant of the Lord whom I believe to be the Lord of ALL, and not some who have chosen themselves out of their own illusions of self-righteousness and a bit of Eurocentric textual literalism disguised under the cover of “faith” and hollow human ritual without substance or power. I am not afraid of any man or woman or anything about them and will endeavor as long as I live to engage all but with TRUTH and no with apologies for it regardless of their physicality (which I am taught is just a shell of mortality that will pass away, anyway, exposing the spirit) or the environments in which I find them. My mission and commission is the same. I do not FEAR their sexualities or their skin colors or their alternative religions or any of the thousand other variables we as humans have that delineate us from one another, nor hate them for the variances, because I know what makes us one and it is that element that God has instructed me to focus on, within myself and within others and within my labor for humanity. I continue to pray for that moment of recognition when Afrikans and all people realize that prejudice and negative discrimination of any kind is NOT a path to liberating anyone, but a path merely to enslave yourself deeper and to do likewise for all those who join in with your merry men of madness.

And specifically to Christians on this: This is really all not a STRENGTH of faith, but a crisis of its scarcity. For those who believe in God’s will know that it SHALL be. There is no action of any person, of any group, or any social condition or anything that will ultimately stand against God’s true will. But if you don’t believe that, then everything that YOU perceive as a threat to His will frightens you and causes you to act foolishly and with evil and corruption, revealing that you were never truly converted in the first place and that you have more confidence in your own will and actions than His in your judgment.


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