The Biggest Threat to Afrikan People

The biggest threat to us is ignorance of our own power which prevents us from using it and using it wisely for our collective advancement. We therefore are our biggest threat to us IN that ignorance and our consistent tendency to both (a) reject those who try to liberate us from it (being comfortable in our lack of knowledge and responsibility), and (b) develop ideologies of victimology where our destiny and well being is perpetually perceived with reference to external “others” who are to blame for everything about our existence, who are mystically and falsely seen as unified or all powerful, and the image of whom perpetually makes us cognitive slaves. Even the idea that a skin color IS our definition as a people or that the degree of melanin in the skin creates in and of itself a “community” (it only did in the imposed system of enslavement) is symbolic of this enthrallment to ignorance and to the notion of being defined by others.


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