The Error of “Racializing” in the Conception of Eurocentric Power

The Eurocentric power structure has powerful women, “people of color”, and others we visually associate with oppression, designed to do its bidding, who have agency. Obama is but one. Agency is not CONTROL, but to reduce US foreign policy or global Eurocentrism to simply a discussion about skin color or racism is too simplistic a political and sociological analysis and inadequate for a people who wish to completely understand what is going on and liberate themselves globally. Eurocentric values are equally pushed and honored by leaders of color in economics and politics around the world and they CHOOSE to do this because they share the same philosophical perspective. It is not skin color that makes you Eurocentric or which prevents from being so. And if racism were to magically disappear, Eurocentrism would simply lose ONE component of its overall oppressive dynamic. We keep confusing the branch AS the tree, rather than part of it and certainly NOT its ROOT.

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