The Knowledge Imperative

Knowledge in the Afrikan tradition DOES exist, and while it is strategic and contingent, it MUST be received and applied where applicable, less it be abused and we collectively suffer for want of it. (The people die for want of knowledge).

In the movement, we often resent knowledge and we get to this Eurocentric dichotomy between “know it ALLs” and “the clueless”, declaring either noble. Neither is, in the real Afrikan tradition. Afrikans understood that no man or woman could know it ALL as the universe is dynamic and changing every moment and us with it and any knowledge established is expanded upon as we observe and pronounce it. However, they also rejected the opposite, that everyone knows nothing and that there are not those who are repositories of particular knowledges that are useful for the advancement of the people at particular places and points in time In fact, it was considered the height of foolishness to ignore that knowledge. So Afrikans did not play into this dangerous dichotomized thinking about knowledge. The farmer did not know everything there was ever to know about farming but that did not mean that if you needed food, and you had never grown anything, that you should forego the knowledge and wisdom of the farmer (who was deemed the only one you should listen to on those matters). We suffer for continuing to buy into our oppressor’s ideas without realizing they are his and not ours. So we reject those who have knowledge and remain ignorant of things we do not have to be ignorant about and we glorify often knowing nothing as if there is a nobility in it.


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