Fatal Being

There is nothing more dangerous in the Eurocentric education system than an Afrikan who knows he or she is a child of God and an Afrikan and SAYS so and can prove it and share that information with others. The system is designed in that case to attack God and faith AND to attack their Afrikaneity, so that that Afrikan child cannot be effective in changing the condition of his community.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing talks about interviewing some young Afrikan children and asking them what I was asked constantly by elders “what are you going to do for the people?”. They answered, “Nothing.” She asked “Why?” They said, “Anyone who stands up for our people dies.” And of course, the death they are talking about is not always physical, but more frequently in economics, in politics, in social status and most importantly in spirit.

The challenge of parenting an Afrikan child right now is having the courage not to aid your child in retreat, but to outfit him or her for the inevitable combat. I used to say “in Vietnam, everyone including those who are not soldiers by trade, fought.” My point was that on a battlefield where your humanity itself is attacked from all sides and at all times, you have no choice but to surrender or fight and the fight is not just for you but for those who fight you as well. They just don’t realize it.

I cannot, for example shield my OWN son from the knowledge he gains or from its social consequences, but it is VITAL in my mind that he at least know WHY people in power will react negatively to his knowing and speaking his own truth. The mistake our generation made was that we denied Eurocentrism as a means of “protecting” our children and insulating them from our social pain. We got as a result, a couple of generations now that became destructive when they did not understand WHY they were being rejected and experiencing subhuman status in a land where the battles were all won, where everything was “post-racial” and “multicultural”, where we had effectively “overcome.” This is why something as predictable and regular over these last 400 plus years like the death of Afrikan boys and men at the hands of police and others inside the community and out for example, feels to this generation like something NEW or RECENT going on. Those of us who have been on the battlefield already anticipate that kind of stuff. This is why, as Bob Marley said, we have to “tell the children the truth.” Let them deal with their fears and doubts and experience the system at a very young age, that when they become men and women, that they are hard truth soldiers ready to liberate a world from spiritual, intellectual, and social bondage.


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