Blessings Amidst Storms

Said it once, say it again. I went through periods in my life where I was living but not spiritually and mentally GROWING. During that period of stagnation I spent most of my time blaming various other people for all the troubles in my life and connected what they had done to me, or allegedly done to me to my situation. Now admittedly sometimes people had done me wrong and affected my life course negatively, but even then the ultimate cause of my condition was connected to me allowing those people and those situations to come into to my life, to disrespect my boundaries, and to override my principles. In effect, when the vampires came in and nearly sucked me dry, I got mad at the vampires, but the question is why did I invite them in? They could not have entered unless I made the invite. So my healing was connected to me making a decision to expel the vampires and to stop giving out invitations for blood donations. It was more about me and what I did and did not do for myself than it ever was about them. I continue to feel sorry for some people who perennially blame others for their own problems, disappointments, and frustrations because I know from experience that they too are stagnating and cannot move forward until they take responsibility for themselves. Rain may fall on my parade. It’s not your fault. God sends the rain and sometimes He sends the rain because I should not be stepping in the direction my parade route laid out. So rather than blaming someone, I might need to look at my own actions and my own will. Is it my selfishness, my greed, my sole concern with me and what I want, rather than what is right and what God wants for me? Blaming others prevents you from ever asking the question and until that question gets asked and properly answered and that lesson properly received, you’ll see a whole lot more unnecessary “disappointment.”

Sometimes the reason God does not allow you to get somewhere or places obstructions in your path in the form of circumstances or even other people is that THAT path is not the one for you or is morally wrong and He is attempting to correct you. The harder you push in that direction, the more He will confound you. Remember the Tower of Babel? These folk were working hard for their objective, which was legitimate in their own eyes and in their own wisdom, but their objective was illegitimate in God’s sight and so God confounded their efforts and that confounding was a lesson. Now all of the builders could blame each other for the failure of this great structure, but that would be foolish because it was not the builders or the workmen that said no, but God and as long as you seek YOUR will over God’s will, your efforts will ultimately fail. Sometimes other people are not really obstructions of themselves but markers placed by God in your path to make you get back on the road He has set for you and so rather than yelling at them, you need to listen to him talking to you. I just experienced a situation where some people did some evil things to me and at first I got all mad and irritated, THEN I asked God to reveal what He was trying to show me within the situation, looking for the blessing WITHIN the storm. It is ALWAYS there, but you need kingdom level vision to see it and you have to humble yourself and move your own desire and will out of the way. Now instead of mad, I am thankful for the lesson but that is because I have spiritually matured.


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