The REAL “Test”

The real question for your life is not whether you will meet or exceed YOUR expectations of yourself, for those are inherently conditional on your particular degree of spiritual maturity and where you are and how you perceive of yourself in particular life circumstances. Nor is the vital inquiry whether you will meet the expectations of others for yourself, for those are not the measures by which you will be judged, and those are fleeting and change also depending on the nature of those who have those expectations and their relationships to you at any given time. The real question is whether you will fulfill the divine purpose for which you were created and sent forth by God out of the substance of the universe. This is always the highest standard, the more difficult one, and the one that so many would prefer not to even address or make the focus of their life’s work. It must begin with a seeking for the one who created you and set you on that mission. And then it requires humility that you might be given the strength and the vision you lack to see the course unfold towards the fulfillment of that mission. Yet it is the only one that is ultimately fulfilling of the soul. It is the only one that does not change with the coming of the winds. It is the only one that can truly transcend you at death and it is the only one that holds the key to your eternity.


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