Concerning the Depths of My Praise

I always praise the Lord for the full measure of His healing in advance. When the hurricane is coming upon you, you praise Him in advance for your safekeeping. When it is upon you, you praise Him for the eye of the storm which allows you a moment to gird your strength and fight again. When the worst of it passes and even the threat of tornadoes and torrential rains remain, you praise Him for the coming of the break in the clouds. Those who would see the sun again, smiling over the horizon and have a chance to walk in it, praise Him even before the first light of the dawn. And what of those who might say, what if you do not fully recover? What if this is to be your end? To this dare I say I rejoice in Him still for I believe I have served well in my time if so and I have no regret in my spirit. I praise Him then not for the suns to come, but for the thousands I have seen, as brilliant and as beautiful as any postcard or picture one could devise and that He has privileged me, even when I was clearly undeserved, to have seen and to have walked beneath in His service. And for those who would seem perplexed at such an answer, let me say this. I have said many times that if my Lord were to do nothing more for me as of this moment, He has already done enough for me to be praised by me for an eternity. He has been my father and my mother. My brother and my sister. My companion and my friend. My rock of strength and my support. My eyes when I could not see. My words when I could not speak. Quoting the ancients now in paraphrase, I would have long ago fainted, had I not seen the joy and glory and love of the Lord in this land of the living. I am well pleased and want for nothing.


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