I Just Want “Mine”

I believe that if God is with me, no force on the earth or above or below it can stop me from what is mine.

And what is “mine” is not merely what I will, but what His will has allocated for me.

And because it has been so allocated, I have no need for jealousy or envy for what is yours and can rejoice in your gain.

I also don’t lament what I lose or have to let go off, because I know that those things were not for me and that the God I serve is preparing better.


4 thoughts on “I Just Want “Mine””

  1. Have you heard of handguns? They can end your dream in a second, without warning, without any preparation. So can tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes, and many other things. What makes you think you are unstopable? I can think of dozens of ways to stop you… and your god will do not one thing about it.

    1. Believers believe in eternal life. so listing things which could cause death would not be a stoppage for those who believe, but transcendence and promised transcendence at that. Part of the expected life course. Similarly for those of us who believe, the coming of death is itself under the will of God and therefore when it is my time, by whatever means it must be, then I will go. That is not a contradiction to what I said but a confirmation. For just as I will proceed forward for the time allocated for that and do what God has willed for me, so too I will end this mortal life and prayerfully begin the next when that time comes and that is willed for me. That is also for me and when that time is for me, it shall be for me and nothing you or I or anyone can do will attach a single second to it. And if you think God has never saved the lives of his righteous at times when they were under threat by guns (I have faced guns myself), then you don’t know Him. Ah, there’s the rub. I am sorry you don’t.

    1. We are in different conceptual worlds, therefore we will not agree. It’s nonsense for you to assume falsely and without any knowledge that I have never watched the death of loved ones from a wide variety of causes. But believers do not believe in UNTIMELY deaths, just preventable ones. While a death say from being robbed and then shot is not expected, that is not untimely in the idea of God’s cosmic time, at least to a BELIEVER which you acknowledge you are not. While God is not the causal agent of evil, evil is marked a time within the circle of life and then has an ending. We used the phrase, every Christian (sinner) has a past, but sin itself and those who do it and choose that path has a future. I am not a dreamer and if you knew me you would know that my relationship with God is something that I have confirmed again and again in my lived empirical experience and in the lives of those who similarly believe. The real question is not for me. Since I did not summon you here and did not ask anything of you, but you did, it is more important to you to convince me. See, I have no questions in my own faith and no doubts and cannot be convinced against what I know to be true. Yet, it is important, vitally important for you to come and try to convince me and probably everyone else, all unsolicited. Because dear one, if I were wrong, the greatest crime for me is that I would have strived to live a moral life in vain. But if you are wrong, you face something unimaginable. And that is why for you, unlike for me, this work is vital. I have no compulsion to make you believe. It is you who sadly has the compulsion to try to make me not believe that you may be somehow validated in your soul’s own suspicion and yearning for what IT knows, even if you deny, is its origin. Keep searching brother or sister, I know not which and it is of no account. I pray that God will keep troubling your heart and sending you to believers of firm faith, that you will keep trying to confound them, and search after how they could so believe. Why do I pray this prayer for you, the nonbeliever? Because I love you with the love of Christ and the God I serve does too and does seek after you, even when you choose to deny and worship your own ego and illusion of knowledge. God bless you in a special way, right now, today in the name of the Lord.

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