“Letting Go of the ‘Lost’: Discipleship or Self-Preserving Cowardice?”

I’ll let go if God tells me to, but there are times when I was the only resource for those in need and when others were the only resource I had. I think you have to let God decide if you let something go, since all human relationships in this world of warring between flesh and spirit have difficulties and sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of your own suffering for others (for us Christ is the penultimate example of such sacrifice). There are times when you are told to depart in peace but there is a difference between abandoning in peace on the basis of instruction and being so concerned about yourself that you will risk nothing for Christ and for the salvation of the people whom He loves and charges you with saving. That is, in effect, what personal ministry is. It almost always involves some pain for someone else with no real benefit to you necessarily, but you do it because someone did the exact same for you. Like you, they did not have to, they had nothing to gain for themselves, and they underwent great pain and suffering but every day I thank God He was willing to do that for me. The pain of love I feel right now for the plight of others is a privilege to experience out of the heart and the mind and the renewed life God gave me as a result of that unearned grace.


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