Looking for Love in the Wrong Places Again

Theology is of man, relationship is of God. Therefore, if you are looking for a theology to make you a lover of man or of God or even one who understands love, you are confused about God and love and theology. Theology is a philosophical understanding of the worship of God from some particular paradigm, but study of such understanding and understanding all your life or even for a moment does not make you a believer or a person of faith. In fact, there are many atheist theologians who study religion and are experts on the ones they study as it relates to history and philosophy, but not faith. Look for love in God. When you find the love in God, and for us as Christians we believe that love to have been incarnated in Christ, then ask of Him guidance towards giving you the new heart that makes you capable of loving others better. The path to becoming more like Christ for us is not more theology or even theology itself, but more relationship and more intimacy in the relationship with Christ.


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